10 things that are still usually free on planes

A good article here for those struggling to survive economy class service on longer flights. There are some things you can get for free that might help make the flight more bearable.

I think I’ve asked for entire water bottles and extra water bottles instead of settling for a little tiny cup of water. I’ve had mixed luck asking for seconds. Sometimes i can get an extra bag of nuts or something. Maybe once I actually got an extra meal, but I’ve been shot down more than a few times. I had never thought of requesting a cockpit tour, but I might be tempted next time I’m not anxious to get through immigration as quickly as possible. The only problem is that I’m always anxious to get where I’m going.

Sanitizing Wipes
The Whole Can (instead of just that little plastic cup)
Wing Pins for Kids
Basic Medicines and Bandages (painkillers and antacids)
Water-Bottle Refills
Short-Term Babysitting
Help Finding a Doctor
Seconds (since those little snack bags won’t fill you up)
Help Switching Seats
Cockpit Tours (pilots often have a little time after the flight)

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