$14,000 for being on a cruise ship that crashed – would you take it?

If the captain hadn’t abandoned ship and refused to oversee the evacuation when asked by the Italian coast guard, $14,000 might seem more reasonable. It’s actually a bit more since travel expenses and stuff get reimbursed as well, but the way things happened, I’d bet that passengers willing to wait could see a lot more.

Roberto Corbella, who represented Costa in the negotiations, said the deal offered Friday provides passengers with quick, “generous,” and certain restitution that consumer groups estimate could amount to some euro14,000 per passenger including the reimbursements.

The legal question seems iffy, but clearly the captain has few friends now. And whether he goes to jail or not, it’s hard to argue he did nothing wrong.

Seems his bosses won’t try to defend him in court either. I suppose they might try to argue that the company shouldn’t be held responsible for its captain but I don’t see how they could get away with that.

So what do you think about the $14,000 + travel expenses being offered? Is it fair? Would you take it?

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  1. Cruzer says:

    NO! My first reaction upon reading this was that I would NOT be willing to settle for this. I am seldom in favor of the lawsuits people bring for pain and suffering, but considering a number of people died in this incident, I think those who endured it should get a lot more. Not trying to bring down the cruise company – just saying this is a lot different than your ship lost power and you had to eat Spam for a few days.

  2. s lee says:

    We were talking about this in the office on Friday,

    we were 50-50 I for one would not…

  3. William Skelton says:

    No I would not take it for one of the most miserable events in my life

  4. Ker says:

    It really depends on how traumatized I had been. If I ( and my family) had proceeded to my lifeboat, got in and was lowered without a hitch into the water, making it safely to dry land, I might take the initial settlement as long as my original travel costs were also refunded. But if I was stuck on the ship, my lifeboat station was on the listed side, I was separated from my family in the chaos, had to swim to shore or be rescued by a helicopter, no way would that be enough.

  5. Steve Haynes says:

    $14,000 dollars? I’d take it. Its better than kick in the teeth!

  6. I would take the $14,000 as long as I was able to get out safely.

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