1st full day at Sirenis Punta Cana experience

Sirenis is definitely growing on me. Last night I was talking about the key for the room’s safe. Well they gave me the wrong one originally, sent me back with the wrong one when I complained, then the third time they admitted that the keys were all messed up and I couldn’t get the right one until tomorrow morning.

So now I have the right one, but I paid for 6 nights of safe key and I’m only getting 5. I don’t think I’ll waste valuable vacation time complaining, but the fact that they didn’t offer me a refund speaks volumes.

But like I said, Sirenis is growing on me. When we arrived last night we had to kill 5 or 6 mosquitoes in our room, but we haven’t gotten any bites so that’s a positive.

Our day started with a wake up call and a trip down to the beach to get a spot in the shade. At 8:00 AM the best spots were taken, but we did find a nice spot with shade. It was fairly far back on the beach so we couldn’t see the meeting the sand, but I pretty much slept and read all day anyway.

After securing the spot on the beach, I sorted out the safety deposit box stuff I mentioned. Then we got on line to make reservations at one of the restaurants.

We figured that getting a reservation would be easy since last night none of them looked really crowded. But at 8:40 AM the steak house was all booked so we ended up in the Chinese place. I’m going there in a few minutes at 9:30.

Then we ate breakfast. The buffet was fine and they had custom made eggs. My wife went to the beach while I went to the gym. The gym is OK, but the equipment isn’t impressive (it works and everything – it’s just not as nice as a modern gym with new equipment) and there’s not that much of it.

After the workout, I showered and hit the beach. We also did some swimming in the ocean and the pool. The pool gets crowded in places but it is huge and has 2 swim up bars.

We had lunch in a restaurant by the pool – this was a small buffet. Then we went back to the pool and the beach. We also tried out the spa (the water in the whirlpool type things wasn’t too hot which is great for me. We hung out there until it was snack time at 4:00. Then we did some more swimming, laying out on the beach, jogging on the beach, etc.

At 7:30 we had another snack at the buffet. And now we’re just killing time (well I’m blogging) until our reservations at the Chinese restaurant at 9:30.

I’ve left out plenty of details but I do have to go eat soon. Anyway, I like the food. It’s not the best I’ve ever had but there are lots of good choices. And I like that I can eat any time. I believe there’s at least one place to eat open 24 hours a day.

I also like swimming in the pool and relaxing on the beach. I still haven’t decided if I’ll recommend Sireins or not. I mean you should be able to enjoy the pool and beach pretty much anywhere.

And I just remembered that I left a note for housekeeping to leave extra bottled water in our fridge. The note is gone and I only got 4 little bottles of water – not nearly enough. I’m thinking I might not leave a tip since I now have to go track down more bottled water from somewhere…

After I go try the Chinese food. More tomorrow!

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  1. Sharon says:

    I hope you’re going to bring back some pics for us! I’m wondering too how the beach compares to others you’ve reviewed. It certainly sounds as if food is plentiful,although bottled water is scarce. Does the resort offer purified drinking water at all; i.e., in the restaurants and bars? Sometimes, getting ice can be a problem, as most people don’t want to take a chance on the water, although I’ve not had a problem. Also, are there any other outdoor activities at the resort, music, or entertainment?

  2. STLMERMAID says:

    My husband I have stayed multiple times next door to Sirenis at Sunscape The Beach resort. We book a package deal through Apple vacations that includes roundtrip transfers, which is nice because both of these hotels are 45-60 minutes from the Punta Cana airport. Our checked luggage (two pieces max per person) is always included on the USA3000 flight which always includes a free hot meal, soft drinks, and a movie. We have another trip booked in Sept to Sunscape for 7 nights – it was only $829 per person for airfare, hotel, transfers, all meals and drinks – and we know that we got a good deal (it was also through Apple). We feel that the beaches around Sirenis/Sunscape are the most beautiful in the DR but you do have to factor in the little bit long transfer from the airport but we enjoy seeing the countryside. Also, Sunscape has four specialty restaurants and not one requires a reservation. We find that if you go a little bit early you don’t have to wait. If you show up at 7 or 8 pm you may have to wait a little but you, hey, the drinks are free and you are on vacation – it’s not a big deal. Free bottled water is available at every bar (there are at least 6), every restaurant and in the room’s fridge which is replenished daily. We leave a daily note for the housekeeper with $4usd that we want water, beer and diet coke only in our fridge and that is what we get. Gotta love being on vacation, in the DR and at Sunscape!

  3. James Trotta says:

    I’ve been drinking a ton of water in the different restaurants, always iced. I feel fine so i guess the water is OK…

    I will have pictures but I won’t be able to get them from the camera to the computer while on vacation so they have to wait.

    I’m sure Sunscape is great. I’ve mentioned it several times on this blog, incuding one review from a happy vacationer there.

  4. GORDON NEWELL says:

    James, the reason they were confused about the 6 nights is most all inclusives, and I beleive all in the Punta Cana area charge by the day, not night like most hotels. reason, you are consuming food and beverages.

    The 12 dollars for the room key should just be a deposit in the event you lose it. This should have been returned at your checkout. Look smiths are far and few in the Dominican republic.

    Sounds like a fun trip…….

  5. RUTH says:

    We’re trying to decide on an all-inclusive in DR. We were thinking about Riu Palace Punta Cana. Any comments?

  6. James Trotta says:

    I’m not sure Gordon. In the end they are charging me for 6 something. And since checkout is 12:00 PM I don’t see how I’m spending more days than nights here really.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be getting that $12 back but will let you know what happens when I check out. It didn’t sound like a deposit though…

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