2 emailed recommendations for St. Lucia

After publishing the Disney World honeymoon advice article I got some emails about St Lucia. Here’s the information I’ve collected about honeymooning / vacationing in St Lucia.

You have to and I mean have to go to the Green Parrot. Ask someone from the island and they’ll know where it is. As long as you’re wife has a flower in her hair her entire meal is free. It’s the best food I ate my whole 9 days on the island and with my wife’s free meal we ended up paying I think like thirty dollars before tip for a four course meal for the both of us. It’s a must.

Oh wait one more thing about the Green Parrot: The ladies free meal is only on Tuesday nights.

St. Lucia is a gorgeous island. If you are staying in the North, I HIGHLY recommend taking some trips to the Southern part of the island. We stayed near Soufriere, and man is that part of the island beautiful. Lush vegetation, Majestic Volcanic Mountains (the Pitons) amazing snorkeling right at the beach, and an amazing Rain Forest. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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