2 more pictures from the Bermuda cruise: Catamaran sunset cruise shore excursion

This was the view we got when heading out for the sunset cruise catamaran shore excursion.

When we arrived in Bermuda, we had a note that one of our shore excursions had been canceled and moved to another day. No big deal except the new time was 9:15 AM or something and the old time had been 2:30 in the afternoon or so. I went to the shore excursion desk and they explained that we had been bumped because another ship was coming in.

Anyway, our second day in Bermuda we see Explorer of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). We talked to a few people from the Explorer and got the impression that is was a lot bigger than the NCL Spirit. Later we did a sunset cruise shore excursion (this is not the one that got rescheduled) and we saw that the Explorer of the Seas is tied for 3rd largest passenger ship in the world. It can handle about 3100 passengers as opposed to 2000 for the Spirit.

This was the view from our sunset cruise shore excursion.

The sunset cruise was $49 I think. They had one that seemed the same except it was all-you-can-drink rum swizzles and $89. Interestingly, the cheap one we went on also turned out to be free rum swizzles all night so we think we got a bargain.

The next morning, we were doing a glass bottom boat / snorkel shore excursion where the first rum swizzle was free but after that they were $3 each. We mentioned that last night we got free refills all night and the guys running this excursion seemed a little upset. They said that the guy last night wasn’t supposed to do that but because he isn’t doing well he’s desperate.

It seemed kind of funny because the weak rum swizzles in a big cooler probably cost next to nothing so I don’t see what the big deal is. The guy from the sunset cruise just seemed like a nice guy. Anyway, we were still happy to have saved the $40 and still get the free rum swizzles.

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