$20 to $100 for a carry-on with Spirit Airlines

Spirit says charging for carry-ons is a good thing, just like charging dead people for their tickets:

It has helped speed the boarding process, ensured sufficient overhead space is available for all carry-on bags, and it has helped reduce the airline’s fuel consumption rate by the equivalent of nearly six million gallons in the past year alone. The success of the program has allowed customers to pay for only the services that they use and it has permitted Spirit to continue lowering fares for its customers.

But they don’t like that some people wait till they get to the gate to pay up (maybe because they don’t want to admit to themselves that paying for carry-ons is real). I guess charcging people money at the gate is a hassle. Obviously, the answer isn’t to get rid of the charge; the answer is to jack the charge up to ludicrous levels.

Paying for a carry on at the gate = $100 (there’s one we didn’t predict in 2010). But you can save a fortune and do it in advance for as “low” as $25 for a carry-on ($as low as $20 for checked) if you’re a $9 fare club member. Plus $10 if you’re not in the club and you do it online. Plus an additional $5 if you do it over the phone (if that’s even possible since I was on hold for hours the only time I called them), plus an additional $10 if you do it at the airport (so checking in = $50 for a carry-on and $45 for checked bag – I guess it’s better than paying $100 at the gate but still seems pricey).

Seems kind of funny that I was worried about paying $10 or $20 for a checked bag years ago.

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