2010 Human Development index – How expensive is traveling to Norway?

I’ve talked to a couple of friends about the 2010 Human Development Index in which the UN ranks countries according to money and education and things. Norway is #1, the best country in the world to live in, according to the newspapers.

So everyone I know who has been to Norway says it’s crazy expensive, but I wonder if I could travel there comfortably. I mean someone said Oslo is the second most expensive city after Tokyo, but I found eating out in Tokyo quite reasonable – far more reasonable than Zurich. Speaking of eating out, everyone talks about paying $20 for a McDonald’s happy meal in Norway (where apparently you can get a McLak made with lutefisk). But I don’t eat McDonalds so I’m left wondering if there are other, more reasonable options (not to mention healthier) options for eating in Norway.

If you’re curious about the rest of the report, here are a few more countries and there ranks:

1. Norway 0.938

2. Australia 0.937

3. New Zealand 0.907

4. United States 0.902

5. Ireland 0.895

6. Liechtenstein 0.891

7. Netherlands 0.890

8. Canada 0.888

9. Sweden 0.885

10. Germany 0.885

11. Japan 0.884

12. South Korea 0.877

13. Switzerland 0.874

14. France 0.872

15. Israel 0.872

16. Finland 0.871

17. Iceland 0.869

18. Belgium 0.867

19. Denmark 0.866

20. Spain 0.863

21. Hong Kong 0.862

22. Greece 0.855

23. Italy 0.854

24. Luxembourg 0.852

25. Austria 0.851

26. United Kingdom 0.849

27. Singapore 0.846

28. Czech Republic 0.841

29. Slovenia 0.828

30. Andorra 0.824

Korea moved from 26 to 12 because of the economic problems in Europe which hurt countries like Greece, while I was surprised to see England is 26 – why so far behind Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US? Still it was interesting to see relative dominance from the countries where English is a native language.

Luxembourg was another surprise. I was told, and thought I saw with my own eyes, that Luxembourgians are wealthy. No beggars, unlike in America and some other high-scoring countries.

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  1. Donna says:

    We were in Norway for two weeks at the end of March this year. It is true that Big Macs and Whoppers are $20.00. So is one glass of wine.

    It seems that minimum wage is around $50.00 (US) per hour and things are relevant from that point.

    Country is beautiful and the people are wonderful and very friendly, but it is the most expensive place that we have traveled to in the last six years.

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