2nd full day at Sirenis Punta Cana experience

Just so you know, I will be taking these various experiences and creating one big huge definitive review of Sirenis Punta Cana. But I don’t want to do that while on vacation so I’m just going to keep posting my daily thoughts, kind of like notes for my future big review.

Anyway, our second full day at Sirenis is coming to a close. We left off last night with me about to go to the Chinese restaurant. This was fine, a nice change from the buffets and as far as I know the only place to get duck (roast Pekin duck) at Sirenis. My wife got shrimp with something. The main dishes and deserts were good. The starters were pretty weak as was the rice that came with the main dishes.

I had some noodles cooked in soy sauce (very salty) and my wife had sweet and sour soup (ridiculously salty). The rice was also cooked in soy sauce I think.

But overall the meal was good.

This morning I woke up at 7:00 instead of 7:30 and went straight to the beach. The shade spots closest to the ocean were taken but I easily found some shade. People reserve their spots by putting the hotel beach towels on the lounge chairs they want. I guess these never go missing which is good since the hotel charges 20 ucks if you lose your towel.

I listend to the ocean for a while and then went to the lobby to make reservations. At 7:55 I was the second person on line. 10 minutes later, there were more like 25 people on line…

The steakhouse was already booked up. Clearly you have to book in advance (you can book 3 days in advance) to eat at the steakhouse. This means you’ll have no choice but the buffet at least once during your trip. That’s beacause you can only make one reservation each day. So for example, if it’s Monday and I make reservations at the steakhouse for Tuesday, I can’t make any reservations for Monday night because I’ve used my reservation for the day.

Now the hotel management knows I’m doing this review, so they are letting me bend the rules a bit so that I can review as many restaurants as possible for my readers. But eating at the buffet is fine – I always enjoy it.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll tell you if the steakhouse is worth the trouble. When I found out it was booked for today, I chose the seafood restaurant instead. We had a good meal there tonight. I don’t actually like seafood so I tried the only non-seafood choices: beef carpaccio and stuffed chicken breast. Both were good. My wife had Spanish style octopus which she said tasted more like scallops. She liked it though.

Before and after the seafood restaurant we were in the buffet as my wife is on a mission to eat all the mango in the Dominican Republic.

Tonight we might try out the resort’s entertainment (a theatrical performance of dirty dancing) and or go night swimming. I don’t know if it’s officially allowed but we did see one couple swimming at night and there doesn’t seem to be anyone there to stop you.

Interestingly, there never is anyone there – no lifeguards at all at the pools or the ocean. Lots of seemingly unupervised children too.

Another note about the pools / ocean is that since the resort is so popular with Europeans you see several women (not most but a few) going topless.

Anyway, I’m nearly out of batteries on my laptop so I’ll have to continue tomorrow.

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