3 Accessories Worth Packing to Record Better Travel Videos

As you may have experienced, recording travel videos can be challenging. No matter how hard you try to frame and capture perfect videos, it is likely that the lighting, crowd, focus, and various elements may not be inclined to cooperate.

The good news is that if you do want to record better travel videos, there are several accessories that can help – a lot. In particular there are 3 that are definitely worth packing, as they’ll be able to help you record much better video footage:

Portable tripod stand or camera holder

One of the main problems with recording good footage for a travel video is keeping the camera steady while you do so. The best way to solve that is to use a portable tripod stand to keep your camera completely steady while it is recording so that the video isn’t shaky and doesn’t suffer from focus issues.

If you want to record footage while you’re moving you may want to look for a different type of camera holder that you can strap on. While it won’t keep your camera perfectly steady, it will still help.

High quality microphone

The built-in microphone on most video cameras leaves a lot to be desired, and if you want to record crisp and clear audio for your travel video it isn’t going to cut it. Instead of that you should invest in a high quality external microphone that is capable of recording better audio.

If you want to record your own voice you should be able to find a good clip-on microphone that you can use, whereas if you’re more interested in recording audio from a subject then a directional microphone may be best.

On-camera lights

Recording travel videos in poor lighting is never going to be ideal, but to help you could use on-camera lights. It is basically the video version of a flash, and is basically a powerful array of lights that will help illuminate the scene you’re recording.

Keep in mind that on-camera lights come in many different shapes and sizes, but if you want something portable you should find the kind that you can attach to your camera. While it may not be as powerful, it can help to provide just enough light for most of your needs.

An extra tip

In addition to the accessories that you pack, you’ll also want to have a good editor that you can use to process the travel video footage you record. On that front Movavi Video Editor will be a good fit, as it will ensure you have all the features that you need in a nice and user-friendly package.

Using Movavi Video Editor you can process footage and enhance its quality, trim out unwanted parts, merge clips together, apply special effects, add captions, include audio tracks, and more. On top of that you could learn how to make a video with pictures, so you can use any travel photos that you snap as well.


At the end of the day being able to edit your travel video footage should help to improve it further, and ensure that it looks impressive. In short Movavi Video Editor is a nice way to round out the accessories that you pack to help you come up with better travel videos.

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