3 exercises that made me a better / healthier traveler

About 2 years ago I decided to get serious about working out and I started with 3 main exercises (which I learned from Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning DVD. I mention them here because for two reasons:

1. I am a better traveler now. Getting in shape helped me experience more when i travel. Before lower back pain would stop me after a few hours on my feet. I didn’t have a back problem, except for being weak. Now I can stay out of the hotel room longer.

2. The three exercises I share here are also good travel exercises. You can do them in pretty much nay hotel room with no equipment at all.

The Hindu squat for legs and cardio:

The Hindu pushup for arms, chest, back (mostly stretching in the back I guess):

And the bridge. I didn’t find a great video of the bridge but this one is OK. I guess he goes on to explain Hindu pushups and squats but I didn’t watch that far:

The best bet might be Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning DVDs or some other professional instructions. If you go for Combat Conditioning I suggest Ebay – otherwise it is pretty expensive and probably not worth the money.

Also, even after doing these exercises for a year I had lower back pain after a day of walking. I think lifting weights is what finally made me strong enough for the pain to go away. But this is what got me started and this is what I do when I am in a hotel room or something.

But anyway, like I said at the beginning, a little exercise can improve your travels. I can also recommend Fat Free Yoga with Ravi Singh & Ana Brett. Not for losing fat, but for working your core; core work should make it easier for you to travel. It’s DVD I got on Amazon and it’s fairly cheap. Actually, let’s try this, Here’s a link. I think if you order through there I get a 5% referral commission or something but you still pay the same price – Amazon just makes a little less profit.

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