5 day New York City travel plan

This one was written by a Hankuk University of Foreign Studies student for some extra credit.

Five days in New York City by Bo Kyung Kim

New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world and everybody who is interested in art, music, shopping, fashion, etc dreams about visiting there. Following my own experience there, I make five days plan to visit New York City.

1st Day: From Governors Island to SOHO

There is various ways to see the statue of Liberty, but I want to tell you one of them; going to Governors Island. Most tourists know that taking a boat to Staten Island is one of the ways to see the Statue of Liberty for free. However, there’s a better option for you to not only see it for free but have some peaceful picnic time: Governors Island. You can take free ferry from R line to Whitehall Street. While you are going to the island, you can get a chance to see the statue and when you arrive at there, you can look around the island with taking a bicycle or by walk.

After taking off the ferry, you can easily find the Wall Street and might get a chance to feel how busy city goes around. Don’t forget to take a picture with the “Charging Bull” sculpture. When you walk a little bit by following the Church Street, you can see Century 21 Department Store. If you are interested in discount products, I would recommend you to go there. Otherwise, if you are looking for some designers’ or vintage clothing, take A, C, or E train and get off Spring St. Station. When you get out of the filthy subway station, you are the middle of SOHO which is well known for the center of Artists and designers from the world.

If you spend a lot of money for shopping, here’s some tip for you to save some money for your dinner expense: go to China town. You can find cheap and delicious Chinese cuisine everywhere, but you should prepare for eating with strangers right by your seat.

2nd Day: Midtown

I’m sure that you probably have heard about the Fifth Avenue at least one time. From East 26th Street to E 59th Street on Fifth Avenue, you can see world-wide luxurious brand shops. Also, you can see the empire state building and get a chance to taste Korean food on E 33rd Street. If you want to buy some I Love NY products, I recommend you to buy around Korean town because it’s cheaper than other shops. When you walk a little bit more, you will realize that you are in front of New York Public Library where a movie ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ was taken. Many people said that it’s quite smaller than they watched from the movie. If you want to take some rest, you can sit anywhere around Bryant Park right near the library.

If you are interested in contemporary Art, you can’t miss going to Museum of Modern Art. It was one of my favorite places to go. You can go there for free on Friday night. At night, you better go to Rockefeller center to see the night view of New York City than Empire States building.

3rd Day: Upper West Side

One of the most fascinating things in New York City is that you can take a rest at parks whenever you want. Central Park is the center of the New York City and has renown for the representative of the city. Start your Upper West Side trip from Lincoln center where you can eat, watch various types of performing arts, and shopping. When you get out of Lincoln center, and walk towards the Central Park. If you plan to go to visit the city around summer time, you should check New York Philharmonics free performance in the middle of the park. Bring some food and blanket and then find the best seat. When the sun goes down, the performance begins about 8 o’ clock. You better wait for the end of performance because there will be a show of fireworks.

4th Day: Upper East Side

If you are a big fan of arts, you are lucky to be here in Upper East Side. You better wear comfortable shoes because you have to walk a lot. Let’s start today’s journey from American Museum of Natural History. Since humongous size of the museum, you better find floor plan and choose what section you are most interested in. And then walk a couple of streets, you can easily find the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s the biggest art museum in the city and has variety selection from ancient times to contemporary arts. I recommend you to go to the rooftop; there are different exhibitions every season, but the view from there is the perfect place to see whole Central Park. Lastly, I recommend you to go to Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city; not only their astonishing exterior, but well-structured inside. It would be the best chance for you to look collection of Russian artist Wassily Kandisky, if you are interested in his work. After finish your trip around museums, I recommend you to take F train at Lex Av or 63 St to go to Roosevelt Island. This subway is different from other lines because it is actually cable car; so you can get another chance to see the city. There’s nothing much to see around the island, but you can take a walk peacefully and have some nice view whole around the island.

5th Day: Time Square

Now it’s time for you to be around tourists and watch one of the famous musicals; Time Square. You can take a picture with NYPD and naked man and woman couple and do some window shopping at different types of stores. If you bring kids with your trip, you should drop by Toys R Us, if you want to meet fake Hollywood stars; you better go to Madame Tussauds. I’m chocoholic person, so when I stepped in Time Square, I headed straightly to M&Ms and Hershey’s shop. You could get every chocolate they produce and various kinds of products with chocolate shaped.

Even though you are running out of your time, you better invest your time to get discount ticket for awesome musical shows. There are lots of opportunities you can get inexpensive musical tickets, so you don’t need to pay all of it. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Enjoyed your travel plan. You covered some of my favorite spots in NYC – Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art (unforgettable), Rockefeller Center, etc., etc. China Town is indeed a great place to eat, and look around. Just reading the plan inspires me to try and return to the city which has to be one of the most exciting places to visit in the world.

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