5 Days Around Cambodia

Enjoy this Cambodia vacation itinerary submitted to our 2006-2007 winter vacation travel writing contest, and remember that the first 150 entries receive at least 5.00 but maybe hundreds more.

Cambodia is filled with history and culture that’s ready to be absorbed by a tourist, just like you! Before you reserve your trip, plan and get educated about Cambodia.

Cambodia has two main seasons: a dry season and a rainy season. The rain season ranges from June to October. I would suggest booking your vacation during the dry cool season which is from November to February. However, if you think you can handle the heat, book during march to may which is the dry hot season.

Day 1:

Arrive at Phnom Penh airport (Cambodia’s capital). There are several places that you should visit while in the city:

– While in Phnom Penh, explore the northern part of the city. North Phnom Penh is considered as the French area of the city.

– Visit the independence monument; It’s a large brown structure that has a roof top that resembles a pinecone. The monument is important in Cambodian history because it signifies Cambodia’s independence from France.

– The next place to drop by is the National Museum of Cambodia. There are several amazing photography on display there that reflects Cambodia’s culture. The entrance fee is only $3.

Day 2:

Relax at the beach in Sihanoukville. Travel a couple of minutes south of Phnom Penh by bus to get to this location. This five star resort is extremely luxurious. They offer several exotic seafood ranging from different cuisines: from French to Italian! With water as blue as the sky and comfortable weather, it will surely feel like heaven.

Day 3:

Bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang (Battambang is another city located in Cambodia). The price for a one-way trip is only $6 per person. After you’ve arrived, be sure to visit the three main temples in Battambang: Ba Nan Temple. Barseat Temple and Wat Ek Temple. These temples were built during the 11th century.

Day 4:

Travel to Angkor Wat by bus or a rented car. This ancient temple is amazing, there are several stone structures of people, dancers and more! The most amazing sculpture are the huge stone heads of Khmer people. They have a modest smile with large lips, their faces are truly unforgettable. Do not forget to bring extra film because every step will lead to a perfect picture opportunity!

Day 5:

Return back to Phnom Penh. If there are a couple of hours before your flight, you might want to do some last minute shopping by going to the Tuol Tom Pong Market. There are several souvenirs to purchase at the market ranging from antiques to clothing. I would suggest shopping for large quantities of items on your last day, so you don’t have to bring it along with you while you travel around Cambodia.

Lastly, do not forget to recommend your trip to your friends and family. There is so much culture and history in Cambodia that differs from other Asian cultures. They simply need to be explored more often.

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