6 Marvelous Beer-drinking Days in Bavaria and Munich, Germany

Day 1: We started off at Nuremberg and did a quick trip to see the Nuremberg Toy Museum which boasts of 200 years of toy making; seeing all those unique and beautiful dolls, trains and wooden soldiers will make you feel like a kid again. We then headed to Swiss Franconia; the world’s number 1 beer brewing district where you can find about 300+ breweries still operating to this day. Make sure to stop by several breweries where the locals will be glad to guide you. And taste their mouth watering beers. We had more time to spare so we decided to look around the quaint village of Buttenheim, Levi Strauss’ hometown, and later checked in to Hotel Strauss.

Day 2: Day 2 called for a tour of the majestic and popular walled city; Rothenburg, considered the popular and majestic walled city of Germany. We then went to Wurzburg where some of the most famous churches and the grand palace of The Residenz await. If you are a lover of crown jewels and Egyptian art, you’ve got to see the Residenz.

Day 3: The most sought after tourist route The Romantic Road, called to us. Towns rich in history gorgeously surrounding the landscape of the magnificent Alps are just something you wouldn’t want to pass up. Next stop is Oberammergau, famous for its unique houses and its paintings of the brothers Grimm Fairytale paintings on its many walls; think the really old book editions of Snow White and you’ll get the picture.

Day 4: Hail Mad King Ludwig! Neuschwanstein and Linderhof will literally take your breath away! Walt Disney Castle anyone? We were told that Ludwig’s castles were the inspiration behind Walt’s. If you can actually take yourself out of Ludwig’s castle, you can try visiting nearby Garmisch were the Nazi Olympics in 1936 took place and Wies famous for its splendid Rococo church.

Day 5: Munich! Museums, Munich Olympic Park, beer gardens, Hofbrauhaus, the chilling Dachau concentration camps which housed over 200,000+ people during Hitler’s reign – he killed 36,000 of them. A tip for those who want to go the Olympic Park, an adventure tour is offered daily at 2pm and you wouldn’t want to miss that. Plus, do what we did and climb the actual Olympic Tower to get a full view of the entire park and the stadium and get a reduced price of 2.50 instead of the usual 4. We then visited Dachau before immersing ourselves in the beer gardens (via bike tour I might add), because we knew it would be a bittersweet affair. The best thing to do after visiting Dachau is go directly to a beer garden to brighten up your mood. And what do you know; we ended up tasting at least a dozen kinds of beers by nightfall.

Day 6: Museums, museums, museums! Pinakotheks and some more Pinakotheks! If art is your thing, you really shouldn’t miss these museums. The Alte Pinakothek houses over 800 masterpieces of medieval to modern paintings including Goya, Da Vinci, Boticelli, Raphael, Rembrandt, El Greco, Durer and Rubens. While the Neue Pinakothek houses an extensive collection of French Impressionists by Pissaro, Degas, Renoir, Van Gogh Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet and Manet among others. The Pinakothek der Moderne on the other hand showcases modern art and the Lenbachhuas features Bahaus, Blue Rider artists and expressionist art such as Kandinsky. Immerse yourself and pray to heaven that you will remember all the details of the masterpieces. To cap the last day of our glorious tour, we headed to… guess where? The Beer gardens of course.

Road signs in the city are somewhat confusing so be sure to be a really good map interpreter if you plan to rent a car. Your best bet to get around the city is to take advantage of walking tours, bike tours, trains and buses as most people would gladly help you out if you get lost; though getting lost is somewhat of an adventure in itself since you will get to see tons of off-road attractions not normally set in the itinerary. Within Bavaria, you can take advantage of the Bavaria Ticket used to get around the entire city state by train. The ticket will give you an all day travel within Bavaria.

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  1. Julie says:

    Loved the blog – heading to that same area in mid September. Can’t wait!!!!

  2. […] and definitely one of the top places in the world to visit (check out this cool travel plan or this one). Most probably think of Oktoberfest, but that’s not when I would go. The Christmas Market […]

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