6 reasons to visit Costa Rica

Here are a few tips/ comments / experiences from a friend who knows a few things about Costa Rica (he’s been there several times):

1. If you haven’t driven around in Costa Rica yet – I would recommend that you learn the lay of the land first – once you see how the main roads work and the driving style of the country – which is very agressive – you will probably feel more comfortable driving.

2. Here’s the two best guide books imho – Costa Rica for Dummies and the Lonely Planet Guide to Costa Rica.

3. Nicoya Peninsula is great – We’ve stayed at Playa Samara and Montezuma now and enjoyed both for different reasons – However I will tell you – we are strange and don’t like to go where the crowds are – hence we stay away from some of the more popular locations

We rented a car and drove out to Montezuma (and Mal Pais, St. Teresa, & Cobano) I thought Montezuma felt a bit more touristy/college town than Tambor or Mal Pais, but I liked them all.

We did the Cloud Forest on the 26th before heading (by ferry) to the Nicoya Penninsula. Monkeys, iguanas, geckos, every kind of bird imaginable, coati, and some so-so scuba diving. A great trip. Costa Rica was beautiful, and the people were quite nice.

If you ever go to the Southern Nicoya, in Tambor there is a little Italian place (the sign just says pizza and italian kitchen or something) that is really great.

3. We drove through the area where Jurassic Park was filmed two years ago – It’s on the Central Carribbean side of Costa Rica – it was awesome – miles and miles of Tropical rainforest wilderness.

4. Montezuma is a real kids hang out – but where we were it was about a km East of the village – on the beach – that’s where the wildlife preserve begins and runs all the way to Tambor – we rode horses through it – a real treat.

5. The best spot we were at was the Tabacon Resort under the Arenal Volcano (which is still erupting) we hung out in the lava-heated hot springs there – in the middle of a spectacular rainforest with volcanic views and massages and great food. Avocado salad made right at the table and the ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime juice) just amazing – that’s a great meal.

6. But it is a trek from San Jose to Arenal because you have to go over and around the mountain chain in the area – the Poa Volcano is more of a straight run up hill – and if you go to Poa and have a chance you can visit the Doka Coffee Plantation there – despite what the other coffe tours say – that’s where the best coffee can be had – their Organic Roast is amazing – we are set on trying to work out a deal to distribute their organic coffee.

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