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Former TSA agent writing book about TSA

It sounds a little like a cliche – a creative writing major (Jason Harrington) gets a job with TSA to pay for school. Then he writes a book about how bad things are at TSA. Is this a trustworthy source or just the exaggerations of a disgruntled (former) employee? I have no clue but this […]

Head to the front of TSA’s security line

In US airports, fliers can pay to cut the security line. Why do some get preferential treatment from the TSA? Do they pay the airline for this or do they somehow pay TSA through more than just taxes? At a growing number of airports, special agents will meet these celebrities, high-powered executives and wealthy vacationers […]

What will TSA do with 40 million dollars worth of full body scanners?

TSA will stop using full body scanners because… “Due to its inability to deploy non-imaging Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software by the Congressionally-mandated June 2013 deadline, TSA has terminated its contract with Rapiscan,” the agency said on its website. “By June 2013 travelers will only see machines which have ATR that allow for faster throughput. […]

Recent TSA news: cupcakes, swords, and candy

A few days old but worth a quick mention: a woman has managed to get in the news after TSA confiscated her cupcake. Personally, while this is certainly a story I’d tell my friends, I’m not sure I’d bother getting interviewed by reporters and everything over a cupcake. Still the concern that TSA doesn’t know […]

Pan Am / Travel Bookshop / Packing Light and Baggage Fees / TSA Procedures for Children

I have complained about the lack of travel shows on American TV several times on these pages and although things have not really changed much, there is at least an airline themed new show coming on ABC on September 25th. It is called Pan Am, and judging from the previews looks to be a little […]

Good read on TSA boss John Pistole

This interesting article starts with a look at the TSA boss, former FBI agent John Pistole. Then the article looks at the challenges TSA has faced over the years since 9/11 changed the world. I found this one line very interesting: “None of us really knew how to set up lines at airports,” said Norman […]

Speaking of TSA & airport security, how does a smelly guy sneak onto a flight?

In light of the recent criticism of TSA it’s interesting we get to hear a stowaway story. CNN has the full story, but you have to wonder how someone, in this case Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, sneaks into 1st class. Sneaking must be especially hard when other passengers are complaining that you stink. I can see […]

Commnet on TSA screening procedures

Many of you will have heard about the elderly cancer patient who was forced to remove her adult diaper by airport security. The problem for TSA is they can’t win. The system will appear broken simply because there is no perfect system. I see three choices: 1. Screen everyone. This includes babies and grandmas. The […]

TSA searching a baby – photo and discussion

Why not discuss the big issue, the recent photo circulating the web that shows TSA officials searching a baby after its stroller set off some alarms for explosives residue: TSA calls it a screening and a modified pat down: Our officers followed proper current screening procedures by screening the family after the alarm, who by […]

2003 Miss USA Susie Castillo feels violated after choosing TSA body search

I hadn’t thought about the TSA body scanners since last Thanksgiving so I was surprised to see TSA searches and scanners mentioned on a headline on Yahoo’s front page. Of course, the surprise was quickly explained. All it takes to make an impact story is a former Miss USA talking about her breasts and Vagina. […]