A cruise with no itinerary – let the captain explore?

I thought this was an interesting article about a cruise in Maine on a windjammer with no itinerary. Even NCL’s freestyle cruising revolves around the schedule – you have choices but there’s still a schedule. And there’s an itinerary – stop here on day 2, stop there on day 3, etc.

In this case too, there’s a schedule. You don’t decide when to eat dinner or breakfast it seems. But there’s no itinerary, and the captain decides (on a whim I guess?) where to sail:

“The beauty of it to me is every week we can go somewhere we haven’t been before,” said Captain Barry King. “There are always new places to explore.”

The question for me is would I want my captain to know that he was going somewhere cool? Or would I be OK with him exploring and kind of hoping he finds something cool? I mean I see how it’s good for the captain to go somewhere new every week – must be fun for him. But what do I care if he gets to explore? I just want to go somewhere nice and it doesn’t bother me if the captain has been there before.

Then again, the author of the article I’m linking to here enjoyed the trip. Of course writers might get free trips and free is always good. I don’t remember reading anything about price or value in the article.

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