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Here’s some advice for shopping around for vacation deals. I felt a little better after reading that some of the cheap cruises you see advertised actually end up costing you more thanks to port fees and things. My cruise is in August, peak season of course, and I think our inside cabin is around $850/person for a 7 night cruise. So I see the ads for $60/night and wonder what I’m missing…

Red Lion Hotels seem pretty dog friendly. No fee. No deposit. Can join the Red Lion R&R Club and earn 500 points per stay. A drawing for a year’s worth of pet food.

Here’s an article on rail travel in America. Personally I would love to incorporate some train travel into a vacation plan. I have a friend who was invited to a wedding in California. He doesn’t fly but he loves the train. However from New York to California the train was going to cost him something crazy. I don’t remember exactly but it was several thousand dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if train travel were more practical in America?

Bookit.com is having another short sale with some of the same properties as last time including a Hilton in Costa Rica that looks nice. Last time it was $99, regular $289 or about 65% off. This time it’s $49, regular $149 or about 65% off. This confuses me. Maybe we’re talking about different classes of rooms or maybe the regular price has changed.

I would do some investigating but I’m pretty busy correcting midterms and working out my own summer vacation details. I am going to Costa Rica, but I’m visiting the Arenal Volcano area and then staying at the Beacon Escazu near SJO. This will be my first K Hotel experience and I am really looking forward to it. The Beacon Escazu happens to be offering 15% off through bookit.com’s sale if you want to come check it out with me… The hotel’s own website (linked above) promises 20% off and has some packages.

I was reading the eco package since I am going to Beacon Escazu and the Arenal Volcano – the eco package says stay at the Beacon Escazu and explore the Arenal area. I thought the Beacon Escazu was near San Jose airport – about 3 or 4 hours from Arenal. Also, they talk about JSO ariport while I thought it was SJO. Airport codes.This one I might have to investigate. I want to book the right flights this time!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Ditto on more practical train travel! I checked out some information on Amtrak routes not long ago and discovered most were terribly expensive and not within my budget. On the other hand, trains are much cheaper in foreign countries; e.g., the Copper Canyon train ride in Mexico (which I would love to do.) For me there is nothing to compare with the fascination of traveling by train – but then, I’m definitely a “rail romantic.”

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