A few of the top places on my travel wishlist

Vienna and Bratislava have been at or near the top of my travel wishlist for a really long time. So when I noticed a cruise that hit both of those cities, I started thinking about a possible vacation. I’d see two cities at the top of my list and see a few more that are probably amazing even if I had not yet heard of them. The nice thing about cruises is that you get to see a few places (and you don’t have to worry about trains, luggage, and hotels).

The itinerary according to picturesque Danube river cruises does in fact include a few places that I had not heard of, but that are now going on my list:

Regensburg: An awesome German medieval city, featuring one of the oldest bridges crossing the Danube, an old merchants’ quarter, the 14th centur Old Town Hall, and more. I’m pretty happy at Florida State, but check out Regensburg University (Universitat Regensburg) and tell me you wouldn’t want to go to school there. It’s a thumbnail so click for a better view.

Universitat Regensburg

Weltenburg Abbey: Instead of Regensburg, you could book a boat cruise along the Danube Gorge and a tour of Weltenburg Abbey. This is the oldest monastery in Bavaria and boasts a courtyard surrounded by Baroque buildings. Click out the thumbnail below for a larger picture. I wouldn’t say no.


So the challenge on that cruise would be choosing one or the other. I think I’d have to choose Regensburg. Chances are I’d love and add it to my list of places to return to. Then when I did return, I’d stay a while and make the day trip to Weltenburg Abbey.

Then the cruise goes to Passau, the Three Rivers City where the Danube, Inn, and Ilz meet up. The fort and the cathedral are highlights here. You can skip Passau and go to Salzburg instead. I enjoyed my day in Salzburg but I never did put it on my list of places tor return to. Now that I think about it (and the oldest restaurant in Europe if I remember correctly), that could change.

Then the cruise goes to Vienna and Bratislava, the cities I was thinking about at the beginning. And finally Budapest, another place that I have never seen.

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