About the travel blogger

James Trotta is in his early thirties and has been traveling since the age of 23 when took a teaching position in South Korea. Although he travels as much as he can, most of his time is spent in Seoul because he lives there with his wife and dogs.

What allows him to pay for his travels (and his travel blog’s web hosting) is his position as an assistant professor in the College of English (Dept. of English Linguistics) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

At the university he teaches various undergraduate courses, does some teacher training in the graduate school, and writes papers related to language learning. Vacation comes each summer and winter. He often returns home to New York but doesn’t really consider that traveling so he also tries to see something new each vacation.

He has been blogging on www.travel-plan-idea.com since January 2004. A couple of years after that the blog became popular. In an attempt to impress all the new readers, James put more effort into his blogging. Some might say that he started blogging well.

When he’s not teaching, publishing papers on language learning, blogging, or traveling, James exercises, reads and writes (for fun), rescues stray dogs, LARPs, and listens to music. He’s on Facebook and anyone who reads this is welcome to send a friend request; please also send a note so he doesn’t spend too much time trying to remember someone he has never actually met. He can also be reached via email, jtrotta@gmail.com.