Adventure travel tour deals

I’ve listed a few of the adventure travel tour deals described in this USA Today article. If you’re looking for an adventure travel tour, this is a must read.

Morocco: Atlas Panorama (8 days for $490 for U.S. travelers, plus a small local payment)

Sailing the Greek Isles on a 49-foot yacht (8 days for $695 plus a small local payment)

Cycling in Provence, French Alps (7 days for $1,469)

Guided hikes in Yellowstone (4 days for $624)

Snowshoeing in Eastern Europe (5 days for $590 plus a small local payment).

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In South Africa, there is some nice adventure tours as well.

– The Sani pass (highest pub south africa)

– Trail horse in Lesotho

– South africa is a nice playground !!

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