Advertorials being passed off as real news

When looking for something new and fun to blog about today I ended up pretty angry with some of the “news” being published.

Normally I only link to decent or better writing but here I link to some things so you can decide if I’m overreacting or if these newspapers are really as evil as I think they are.

Early bird discounts to Galapagos By Max Harold, Postmedia News – of course you expect an article about a travel deal to include a company’s information but this one seems to have been written by the company.

I thought maybe Postmedia was a press release company or something so I looked them up:

On July 13, 2010, Postmedia Network became Canada’s newest media company and the country’s largest publisher of paid English language daily newspapers. The company’s assets also include community-based publications and 50 destination websites. Our award winning journalists capture important and engaging stories with words, pictures and video and publish them to a growing list of media platforms.

Congratulations on your award winning reporting I guess.

I have similar issues with The allure of winter in Europe by Dan Jordan, The West Australian. Based on the title I was expecting something about some European cities that are nicer to visit in winter than in the summer. I remember thinking about the same thing when I was in Istanbul last January and normally travel to Europe in the winter. Instead it seems the reporter is trying to play salesman for some tour company.

So I gave up looking for travel news and decided to blog about the sad state of travel reporting instead. Not that I have nothing against advertising. The problem is when newspapers give us advertising and call it news.

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