Advice for finding vacation rentals online

Here’s an article with some advice for finding vacation rentals online. Since, the popular vacation rental websites don’t check owner’s descriptions for accuracy, it is important for renters to protect themselves. Using one of the sites that has user reviews of each property would be a good start.

Many people expect the cost of vacation rentals to begin declining, since domestic tourism in America is declining and since more rentals are being made available. I was able to find rentals in Manhattan for around $100/night (although one of these came with a cat-sitting job). That’s very competitive with any Manhattan hotel. Thos were for one bedroom places that sleep 2 or 3. $200/night seems to be the average in Manhattan.

Anyway, the article has links to several vacation rental websites and advice about getting something in writing before you send your money. If you’re considering a vacation rental instead of a hotel on your next holiday, it’s an article well worth reading.

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  1. GAYLAN TURNER says:

    Vacation rentals have been a great part of our vacationing for the last 10 years. We rent in the States, Mexico, Caymans, and Nassau. We find the very best at VRBO.COM. These are people renting out their own homes and they are as reasonably priced as you will find anywhere. We have never been stiffed or “soldout” and have come to rely on these homes. Just in the last 60 days we have rented in Mexico and in South Carolina at Hilton Head. Try this website and you will see what you are looking for at whatever price range you want.

    Great traveling to you, Gaylan

  2. Katerina says:


    l absolutely agree that rentals are far better than hotels. Its like having ur own acation home:) and you avoid all the hotel´s buzz, if you know what l mean.

    This Spetember l visited Barcelona for 6 days with my friends and we booked throught this site I really have to say that it´s worth it. l didnt know that apartments cost less than hotels, and they are located in the center. l dont dare imagine how much we would have spent in a hotel in the center.

    The weather was great even in late September, so we even took a walk to the beach. The city was still full of tourists and l was surprised to see that so many people choose to rent apartments rather than hotels. l mean how come did we think of this before:)

    Take care,


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