Advice for things to do in and around Dublin

Reader question: Any suggestions for Dublin, Ireland?

I was wondering if any folks who have been there recently have recommendations for places to go and things to see. Gonna try to golf but weather may be dicey. My buddy and I are traveling with our wives.

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In the Temple Bar District, a friend of mine took us to a place called the Porterhouse that was pretty cool (the band stand kind of “hangs” between the second and third floors). Gallagher’s Boxty House has really good food, and there’s a place across the street from it that has great music (can’t remember the name tho, maybe The Auld Dubliner?). The Temple Bar Pub is supposedly really cool too, though I didn’t check that out when we went. There’s a place in that area called the Quays; didn’t go in there, but the one in Galway was one of my favorite places…

For a little dark tourism, go to Kilmainham Gaol, a prison-turned-museum, where the 1916 Volunteers were executed. Very cool, sort of eerie.

Make your pilgrimage to St James Gate. Joyce’s tower and Trinity College are other good places to go.

Take the wives to the Shelbourne Hotel for a drink or tea. Definitely recommend the Guinness storehouse (my wife loved that and she doesn’t even like Guinness).

Daytrips: Howth is awesome – nice seaside town. Great for walking along big cliffs on the coast. it is just a short train ride away too. If scenery is your thing Wicklow is just south of Dublin and absolutely stunning. You can end the day with a great pint of Guinness in Johnny Foxes Pub. If you have time, a day trip (short train ride) to Galway is nice.

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  2. Kurt Wenzing says:

    A visit to Newgrange,County Meath, is a must if you are near Dublin. It is a Neolithic tomb from around 3200 B.C. which is older than the pyramids at Giza. The AMAZING work done using the most primitive methods of that era is simply wonderful. Don’t miss it!

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