Aeroscraft: the future of air travel?

California-based Worldwide Aeros’ Aeroscraft is a 174mph, 400-ton craft. The Aeroscraft is more than an acre in size. The prototype should be completed by 2010. The inventor, Igor Pasternak, says “You can land it on water or snow,” and “It’s a new vision of what can be done in the air.”

This “cross between an airship and a plane” will be able to “ferry passengers across continents and oceans”. The picture in this Popular Science article is worth a peek if you’re curious.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love this! The thing that springs to mind immediately is COMFORT–I really, really, really hate being cramped into an airplane. This ship looks as though claustrophobia would never be an issue. Fabulous! I only hope it becomes a viable commercial enterprise (and soon), and, of course, that it doesn’t cost the earth to travel this way.

  2. Jon says:

    I agree with Elizabeth, but I have one thing:

    According to the actual Popular Science article, this would traverse the United States in approximatly the same time as a plane would take to fly from London to Hong Kong. Some people go on vacation to an actual place, not necessarily just on a Cruise Ship, which this essentially is. I am to go to St. Martin tomorrow. It is already a 4 hour flight, and I would prefer not to make it a 7 hour flight, even if I had a hotel room’s worth of space.

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