Air-medical transportation and travel insurance considerations for spring breakers

With spring break coming, over 1.5 million students are expected to hit the beaches and slopes. With so many party-goers gathering in certain spring break hotspots, the possibility of an accident or illness or something has to be considered. Now it’s always possible to just be hospitalized near the vacation spot, but should medical evacuation be necessary, you would probably want to be covered by insurance.

According to Medjet, which claims that “MedjetAssist is the premier global air-medical transport membership program for travelers,” should a student get sick, an air-medical transport can cost much more than a semester’s tuition – ranging from $10,000 domestically to $100,000 internationally – while an annual collegiate membership is just $260 – and covers students studying away from home and abroad. Spring breakers who prefer a single-trip option can choose from Medjet’s short-term memberships starting at $99. For full collegiate program pricing visit

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