Air travel to get even worse thanks to charging for checked bags?

This article talks about how American Airlines’ new policy to charge for every checked bag could screw up your next flight experience. There may be longer security lines and more people with ridiculous amounts of carry-on luggage delaying takeoff.

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  1. Big Kielbasa says:

    That’s the first thought that crept into my mind when the first announcement came out from AA. There is nothing more irritating then watching some idiot trying to stuff his oversize luggage into the overhead bin and holding up the boarding process. Not only do I blame the offending idiot but but most of the blame to the airlines for not enforcing their own rules. The flying experience has become no better then traveling with Greyhound.

  2. 12String says:

    I agree with the Big Kielbasa, the flying experience in the US has become most annoying. Here in US we cannot compare to the excellent service you receive when flying to Europe, aside of all airlines having the difficulty of keep track of your luggage. I remember when I was a kid the SantaFe railroad had a fantastic passenger rail service. Europe kicks our butt when it comes to mass transportation. Perhaps we should return to some of our european roots get our mass transportation back on track and save some gas in the process.

  3. geoper says:

    Flying AA will be a nightmare now with everyone trying to get their crap stuffed into overhead bins and under the seats. The last people onto the plane will be outa luck finding a place for their stuff. If airlines charge for checked baggage they must enforce the carry on rules…

  4. Bill says:

    I totally agree with the thought that people will still bring the same amount of stuff on a plane, and will attempt to carry it on rather than pay to have it checked.

    The best solution to this is to charge people for any bags over a certain weight limit, regardless of whether it is carry on or checked. This way, people will be encouraged to bring less stuff with them, reducing the stress on themselves, the airplane, and others who have to wait for them to get their items stowed. It will also reduce the overall weight on the plane, cutting on fuel costs. Win win for everyone.

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