Alicudi, Italy: interesting travel story

Neat story here about how one woman almost bought a house in Italy. Ever heard of Alicudi?

If not, don’t feel bad. This remote Italian island has about 100 residents and one hotel. Boats to the island are extremely unreliable (since no one goes there they often decide to cancel). The house itself is probably not what most of us dream of when we think vacation house:

Electricity is provided by a generator shared by five houses, and water is collected in two wells. The ultimate “green” island, Alicudi has not squandered its resources. But how easily could city-bred people adapt to these extremes? Just running down to the port and back would involve preparations on the level of climbing Mount Everest. And imagine forgetting something in mid-climb? Plus, furniture could only be hauled up by mules. Talk about an incentive for purging oneself of earthly possessions

But for the handful of people who do dream about remote desert islands…

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