An article on some expensive silk road tours

This article was written by a travel agent (or travel consultant as she uses both terms) about a tour her agency sells.

Nowadays, only travelers with an itch for the unusual choose to take a Silk Road tour along this route of strange countries whose names all end with “stan.” Yet, for those of you who can see the possibilities and happen to be thirsting for a real escorted adventure, may I tell you about a 17-day tour to the legendary city-states of the Silk Roads departing on June 5-21, 2010?

I like that they decided not to include Afghanistan in the tour (which is a slightly confusing part of the article because the author says her clients wouldn’t mind a 7 hour dirt road trek from Kabul to Bamiyan). I don’t like the $7,000 price tag based on double occupancy.

There is a China silk road tour that’s ‘only’ $5,000 but I’ve been to China (surely you remember my special massage). First I don’t know about supporting their government ($70 for an American to get a visa when I went) and I know it’s cheap to travel in China. Sure it would be difficult travel but there must be a less expensive guide somewhere.

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