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An Idiot Abroad is kind of a travel show though in the beginning the people running the show call it a practical joke because they are sending a guy who doesn’t enjoy traveling to all these great places. I don’t really see the humor in sending someone to places he doesn’t appreciate.

I only saw one episode – they sent the idiot, Karl Pilkington, to Mexico and Chichen Itza. First there’s a festival going on and he starts running around because he’s scared of the fireworks. Then he meets some Mexican wrestlers and works out with them a bit. Then he meets some cowboys who get the idiot to eat a tequila worm and fail to get him to ride a bull. Then he meets some Mayans and then goes to Chichen Itza.

Throughout the show he makes lots of comments that show he’s not really trying to “get” Mexican culture and he keeps trying to buy Mexican jumping beans.

I was looking forward to the show because it came highly recommended by a friend. In the end I found the show uninformative because the host doesn’t care much about the culture he’s visiting and not funny – why do I need to watch someone having a bad time seeing things that for me would be a great time?

But to each his own so see for yourself. An Idiot Abroad is a 2010 light entertainment travel documentary television series broadcast on Sky1.

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  1. Jared says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes. While its mostly a joke and of course he doesn’t appreciate a lot of what he is seeing, I still think it is neat to see the experiences that he does that may not be on the tourist path. Plus how many tourists would eat the worm, or while in china he eats frogs. Plus, the Mexico episode while he was running around dodging homemade fireworks was freaking hilarious.

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