An old miner in Tae-Baek

Today I share with you a different kind of travel story – one of my university students writing about a class trip he took in high school. I think you’ll agree that the author is an excellent writer with a powerful story to tell:

An old miner in Tae-Baek

How many people have had a travel experience that had such an impact on their outlook on life?

Rather than commenting on this blog, I encourage you to encourage my student by leaving your comments on his blog. It may require a WordPress account (I’m not so sure) so if you’re unable to leave comments over there, leave them here and I will make sure he sees what you have to say.

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  1. Rhonda Peterson says:

    Wow… what vivid words. And to think this is only a student. Imagine what he will be able to do, with knowledge and education behind him.

    One day, I have a hunch, he will be able to support himself quite comfortably, with this talent.

    They say… what doesn’t break you down, will make you grow stronger. I think this guys knows exactly where their coming from and knows how to put it into words.

    Good for him….. and good for you James for sharing it with us. You will really feel good one day, knowing that you were one of his teachers.

  2. Sharon says:

    I agree, an excellent writer. Thanks for passing on my comments to him. He has real talent and should pursue it.

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