And the winners for the winter vacation writing contest are…

An overview of all the entries (here is the assessment rubric):

1st place ($200 prize): This last-minute entry, a 5 day Miami Itinerary, was a strong one with a hotel recommendation, daily activities (a few points were lost because the pace is a little too leisurely even if you are supposed to be hitting the beach and the hotel poolside bars half the time in Miami), and restaurants for dinner suggested.

2nd place ($100 prize): The Riviera Maya vacation plan did very well with daily activities. I had a tough time assigning points for restaurant recommendations considering this is an all-inclusive resort vacation; some breakfast and dinner recommendations are made.

3rd place ($50 prize): The Hawaii vacation earns a strong score on daily activities and a couple of points for hotel recommendations (no details on the hotels). Some points were lost because travelers are on their own as far as meals are concerned.

The Winnipeg travel itinerary had a hotel recommendation and strong marks for daily activities. A few points were lost because of restaurant recommendations.

The Cambodian vacation plan sounds good but lost points with no information on accommodations or restaurants.

The one day Toronto shopping spree was very interesting, but not the ideal format for this contest.

All in all, I have to note that response to the first contest, the 2006 summer vacation contest, was much stronger in that we had many more entries. I’m not sure what to do next but am open to suggestions. I may go back to the large cash prize system or just start buying travel plans for $10-$20 and forget about the contest format. Somehow, I really want this blog to be a place where people share their vacation plans.

Winners should contact with their PayPal ID.

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