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Here is the latest of these stories that seem to happen all too often, about a passenger being denied boarding, usually for some silly reason. This article reports that an executive with Best Buy, who used miles to upgrade to first class, was denied boarding by United at Washington Dulles airport because he was wearing a track suit. There is also a photo of the offending clothing. When I worked for an airline and flew standby, I had to wear a shirt and tie even in coach, as I was representing my company and that I can understand, but if you are paying for your ticket, I think you should be able to wear what you like. Especially if you were lucky enough to be able to actually use your miles! According to United’s own information, the only reference to a dress code is that passengers must not be barefoot.

This blog has highlighted several similar stories in the past, perhaps the most infamous being this Southwest story about the scantily dressed girl who was almost removed from her flight.

Has anyone been to South of the Border in South Carolina? And would you admit it, if you had? It has nothing to do with the above airline story, and I can’t even think of a vague link between the two things. OK, they would probably let you in with a track suit on; in fact, you might look rather out of place with a suit on. I mention it only because I drove past it yet again last week on my way home and next year it celebrates its 60th anniversary. Even if you have not been there, if you have driven down Interstate 95 from the Northeast to Florida, you probably know more about it than you want to.

South of the Border is a rather kitschy theme park with a Mexican theme on the border of NC and SC (hence the name) and is as famous for its highway signs – some almost 200 miles from the place itself – urging you to stop there, as for the actual park itself, which is not particularly exciting. One of the highway signs even reads: “Keep yelling kids! They’ll stop.” (Which sadly, is probably true!) If you missed some of the interstate signs while driving, they are all on this site and some are actually quite clever. Anyway, you can get some good Mexican food there, (I admit it, I have been there – but only once) take an elevator to the top of the huge Mexican hat sign and even get married there, if you want to.

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  1. James Trotta says:

    I went to South of the Border when I was a sophomore in college I think. It was a road trip from NJ to Florida in January. I didn’t like it and I especially hated getting harassed by the security guards there. I complained to the manager who listened to my story and apologized but didn’t offer any sort of compensation. I told him I wouldn’t be coming back and I’ve stuck to that (haven’t even been tempted really).

  2. Harper Jones says:

    Honestly people isn’t there SOMETHING more important to write and discuss about travel than inappropiately dressed passengers and tacky roadside attractions?

  3. Jack W says:

    Of the hundreds of billboards this tacky empire has put up, one showed a subtle (believe it or not) sense of humor. It said, “South of the Border–I-95’s Best Kept Secret!”

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