Another job where you get to travel – MMA fighter

We had a little series going on jobs for travel lovers for a while with me writing about EFL jobs in Korea and a few good articles from Sharon including this one on ski instructing.

So while I’m sure it’s not a career path for most readers of this blog, I did briefly want to mention this quote from MMA fighter Carlos Condit:

“That’s the great thing about this job, you get to travel the world on somebody else’s dime,” said Condit, who in his career has fought four times in Japan and three times in Hawaii, and said he never had any problems with jet lag in those fights.

Of course in exchange for free travel you have to endure professional fighters trying to punch you, kick you, choke you, etc.

I’m not going to offer the usual advice on how to get into the field, but there is a less extreme option like various amateur tournaments, martial arts demonstrations, and so on.

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