Anthony Bourdain fighting the Travel Channel

Not too long ago I talked about Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Collection 7. Today I happened to be scanning the news and his name popped up again. Seems he’s mad at the Travel Channel. I’ll give you my summary below, but if you want to hear it straight from Mr. Bourdain, visit his Tumblr page and find the “fighting mad” headline.

My little summary: Anthony Bourdain says he tries not to endorse products because he wants to say what he thinks and he wants people to believe him when he does. He did once take money from a credit card company and he got a car from BMW in exchange for driving one of their products but otherwise he’s pure. Until now.

Travel Channel took some Bourdain footage and turned it into a Cadillac commercial. According the the No Reservations writer, executive producer, and star, his contract does not allow that sort of thing to be done without his permission.

What I find slightly more interesting than the public relations and presumably legal battle over whether the Travel Channel should have used Mr. Bourdain’s image to make a commercial without asking him, is what he has to say about the Travel Channel’s new management. Considering that we were asking years ago why there were so few travel shows on the Travel Channel, hearing their star say they have been getting worse over the past year or two is cause to abandon hope. And that’s what he says – things are taking a turn for the worse over at travel Channel management.

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