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A friend of mine in the food business recently asked me my opinion on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

It’s a show I’ve watched, but not watched recently. After my friend told me what a fan he was of the show, I may have to check it out again. Being in the food business, he relates to it a lot more than most. However, he thinks most traveler would enjoy the show.

Bourdain seems to lean towards the far east and he sprinkles culture into it. Like the fact that he does not go to a country and go right to the five star locations that are not indicative of what the regular folks in that country would experience. He eats a lot of “street food” which also infuses more culture.

So if you’re looking for a show with food, wine, history, culture, and politics, Parts Unknown might be substantive enough for you. The show is well produced as well.

The only criticism I have heard is that Bourdain may be taking himself to seriously in his more recent work. Another friend of mine thinks that the guy who wrote Kitchen Confidential would recoil at some of the self-indulgent sequences in the later episodes of No Reservations and Parts Unknown.

What to you all think about Anthony Bourdain’s travel shows?

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  1. Ed says:

    “Parts Unknown” is a great show. “Without Reservations” not so much. Worth the time to watch. He does illuminate the culture through local food. I’ve been to many of the places he features and he almost always captures the essence of a place.

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