Any tips for avoiding getting seasick?

Last time I went on a cruise to the Caribbean it was 1991. I was barely a teenager so my memory may be a bit fuzzy but what I remember is that for a day or so off the coast of the Carolinas everyone on the boat except me, my father, and my grandfather got seasick.

There were little bags for vomit everywhere and you barely saw anyone except crew. Someone told us that the water often got rough around there and that the seasickness thing was not uncommon. I don’t want that to happen to anyone in my family on my upcoming summer cruise so I was wondering if anyone had any tips for avoiding seasickness. Here are a few options so far…

1. Dramamine

Take 2 30 minutes before you leave.

2. Ginger

Buy some ginger tea… Myth Busters did a show on this and said ginger is the best, you can buy them in pill form as well.

3. Relief Band

I’m told it works well. It’s a little pricey though, around $130.

4. Look at the horizon

If you feel a little sick while out there, stare at the horizon. Staying above deck alone is pretty good, but staying above deck and looking at the horizon is best.

That’s because seasickness is caused by a confusion of sorts in the brain. The Chochlea in the ear is filled with salt water basically and when the boat rocks it moves and tells your brain that you are moving. However, your eyes and your body tell your brains that you are not moving. The brain doesn’t like mixed signals and so that is why you get nausea.

When you look over the horizon your eyes tell your brain that you are moving and it kind of synchronizes with the ear.

Also, don’t go below decks if you can help it. I heard from one guy who was fine till he went in the confined space of the head while the boat was rolling. It ruined his trip.

5. Meclizine

An anti-nausea/anti-motion sickness medicine which I’m told works well.

6. Bonnie

I know a scuba diver and he swears by Bonine. He says it is much better the Dramamine. Bonine does not make you tired. All the diver use Bonine. The trick with all the pills is to take it with food and about 1 hour before boarding the boat.

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  1. Patsy says:

    The first cruise we went on, to the Bahamas, my husband & I got seasick (water was rough, etc) Since then I have been on cruises to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Jamaica & Grand Camen. I have not gotten sick since then because I have used the patches that go behind your ear, Scopomen (sp). I never wait to see if I need them, I just put them on at the beginning and they work great. Another suggestion is the Ginger candies that they sometimes sell on board the ships.

  2. grant says:

    The electronic relief band [like a watch ] is best.

    My wife uses it all the time with success. It emits little electronic zaps to wrist and works.


  3. Julie says:

    Though I am not prone to seasickness, I had not been on a cruise in several years so the last time I went on one (2007) I wore the seasick patch. I felt sick and very tired for the first three days of the cruise. My vision was blurry (not enough so I couldn’t see but enough so I couldn’t read or take photographs) which is a side effect of the patch. I decided to see how I felt without the patch and within a couple of hours of removing it I felt fine and had no seasickness at all. I am going on another cruise in a few weeks and will wait to feel seasick before taking any medication this time.

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