Anyone ever been to Sansepolcro?

Here’s an interesting site that deals with villa rentals in Europe and the Americas, but I went straight for the villas in Italy – mostly because I’ve been thinking about going back to Italy for a while now (see this post on nostalgia tourism or this one on possibly finding a small town to visit).

So it should be no surprise that I went straight to the Italy section. I then went to Tuscany, or at least to find Tuscany villas where they had a bunch near Florence and Pisa. But most of these seemed to be pretty big – 1 bedroom is plenty for me. So I noticed this one bedroom villa in the middle of nowhere so to speak. It sounds like the kind of place you might be able to go in summer even if you hate crowds (which I do):

With its spectacular hill towns and scenery, Tuscany is Italy’s top holiday destination. Its rich artistic legacy, great wine, fabulous food and stunning countryside certainly pull in the tourists. But with this brings crowds…imagine all of the above but minus the masses and you get Le Caviere.

Le Caviere is special because it is located in a relatively undiscovered part of Tuscany; the Upper Tiber Valley. The valley is rich in art, history and culture. Piero della Francesca was born in Sansepolcro, the valley’s main town and is still home to many of his most important works.

Surrounded by semi-alpine mountains and national parks, the valley is also known for its outstanding natural beauty.

Everything sounds good. Not too crowded. Pretty, Historical stuff to see. It’s about 1400 to 1800 euros per week which is quite a bit more affordable than Palazzo Firenze.

I did check out Umbria, because my wife would love to be in Perugia for the chocolate festival (I think we were there in October, 2001). There are some luxurious villas not too far from Perugia, but they might be out of my price range.

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