Anyone following Oprah’s ultimate Australian adventure?

This is the official page from for Oprah’s ultimate Australian adventure. Has anyone been watching or reading or otherwise keeping track of this? Here’s Oprah’s travel itinerary so far.

Day 1:


NOTES: Oprah Winfrey arrived at Uluru, Northern Territory, today after flying from Hamilton Island. Oprah arrived in the early afternoon at Ayers Rock Airport where she boarded a helicopter for an aerial tour of the majestic monolith, Uluru, with Northern Territory Tourism Minister Mallindirri McCarthy.

When Oprah landed she surprised 15 of her Ultimate Viewers who had travelled earlier in the day from Darwin and Alice Springs. Together they experienced the Kuniya Walk at Uluru National Park and learned about the indigenous people’s stories.

While stopping to chat with local media, Oprah said: “Being here is a way to pay my respects to the Aboriginal people while showing respect for the land, their culture and all this rock means to them, the continent and the world”.

While at Uluru, Ms. Winfrey also met with Shirley McPherson, Chairwoman of the Indigenous Land Council, and Kathy Luckey, a traditional owner representing the Anangu people who have recently acquired ownership of the Uluru resort and surrounding areas.

Following their visit to Uluru, the spiritual centre of Australia, the Ultimate Viewers joined Oprah for a Sounds of Silence Dinner and traditional dance performance where she met local Aboriginal women and their children.

Day 2:


NOTES: Oprah Winfrey arrived in Melbourne at approximately 12 noon from Uluru.

After arriving, Oprah met the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and they were filmed by “Oprah” show cameras as they walked along the banks of the Yarra River. Oprah asked Ms Gillard about being Australia’s first female Prime Minister. They discussed the choices they have made in their careers and their lives and what Ms Gillard’s dream for Australia is.

Oprah then made her only official public appearance in Australia at a free two-hour public event hosted by “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in Federation Square. Oprah appeared on stage with Ms Gillard and Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu in front of an estimated crowd of 10,000 people.

“Hello Melbourne! I’ve never had a welcome like this in my life,” Oprah said. She said that when deciding where to bring her audience for the final season of her show, she chose Australia – where she had always wanted to visit – because this was the place outside the US that had supported her the most.

She also made a commitment to return to Australia.

The event featured performances by Australian artists Jessica Mauboy and Human Nature, with some of Oprah’s Ultimate Viewers dancing on stage with Human Nature. In an additional musical moment, Oprah led the crowd in an impromptu mini-sing-along of “Hey Jude”. The event was hosted by Network TEN’s Carrie Bickmore and was supported by Tourism Victoria and the Victorian Government.

Oprah then visited the Bebe baby and children’s shop in Toorak to deliver a big surprise. There she met expectant mum Catherine Schrank who had hoped to attend the “Oprah” show tapings in Sydney, but couldn’t travel because her due date is next Wednesday.

Oprah gave her a surprise baby shower surrounded by Catherine’s sisters and friends, saying: “You couldn’t travel to us, so I’m coming to you for your own baby shower.”

A surprised Catherine – who described the situation as “surreal” – exclaimed: “But you’re supposed to be at Federation Square!”

The shower included “baby sandwiches” with chicken breast, mayonnaise and spring onions, tiny cheesecakes and vanilla cupcakes.

Then Oprah made her way to the home of Megan Castran, her husband and two children, to surprise her and approximately 20 guests during their weekly “Taco Night.” Castran visited Harpo Studios in Chicago in 2008 for a taping of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and at the time extended an invitation to Oprah to come visit Australia, an invite she didn’t forget. Over tacos and margaritas, Oprah and Castran talked about family life in Australia. A party guest then serenaded Oprah with his own special rendition of the hit song “Billionaire” (by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars). Oprah then shocked the party guests by inviting all of them to attend her Tuesday shows at the Sydney Opera House.

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