Anyone have a Manhattan Club Timeshare?

Reader submitted question: My mom bought into the Manhattan Club three years ago. She has been in not so great health in the last couple years so I’ve been trying to

help her out with anything I can.

Anyways, she asked me to call the Manhattan Club last week to try to book a room under our timeshare for a weekend in September. So I call and basically get laughed at, that we have to book our rooms NINE months in advance to get any type of room.

How is this possible? NINE MONTHS IN ADVANCE? We don’t know what we’re

doing 2 weeks from now, nevermind nine months in advance. We also have a Hilton Club timeshare in Manhattan and we can get a room there the night before we are going. It’s friggin great.

But with Manhattan Club, we get 2 weeks during the year that can be used day by day, or week by week, whatever you choose. We wind up having to convert our weeks to RCI points and use them at other places. In three years, we’ve only been able to stay there once. It’s ridiculous.

When my mom bought it, they told her she would only have to give a months notice during peak season (summer, christmas) and 2-3 weeks during off peak. Now it has suddenly turned into 9 months. I just talked to one of my friends whose dad has the same timeshare, he said he has this same problem, hasn’t been able to get a room in 3 years. He’s had it for 10 years. He called them last week to book a room 9 months in advance to the day, and he STILL couldn’t get it. They said they were booked for the weekend he wanted already.

They must have way oversold the place. Anyone else have a timeshare there and have this exact same problem?

My answer: I don’t have one, but I think it’s pretty common in the “time share world”

to make those plans pretty far out in advance. Usually people have the same week every year and its locked up like that.

As you already know, however, the timeshares at the Manhattan Club are not locked in the same week every year. However you may want to consider choosing a time to go every year anyway so that you can make reservations 12 months in advance. If you’re unable to do that it sounds like you’re stuck with exchanging for RCI points because selling a timeshare is pretty tricky and you’ll usually lose a good chunk of money. If you do need to sell your timeshare, look for companies that offer a wide range of services for owners and that can refer you to a licensed timeshare broker if need be.

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  1. Jeff Pierce says:

    The problem with the Manhattan Club is that it’s sold out or nearly sold out. They probably sold 50 or 51 weeks of the year like all timeshares do so they are at maximum capacity, unlike hotels that work on about 65% occupancy.

    You need to find out exactly what the reservation parameters are for booking in weekly increments or less than weekly increments. Typically, you can reserve a week of time more in advance than shorter stays.

    You’ll also want to find out if certain members have priority, or a longer booking window. This is not an uncommon perk to offer to people that buy bigger packages. There’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s good to know.

    You’ll face the same problem with Hilton as they near sell out, and will have to make your reservations further and further in advance.

    Timeshare works best if you can plan 9 or more months in advance, unfortunate in your case, but get to know all of the reservation parameters for the Manhattan Club and your Hilton so you can adjust.

  2. Ben säbel says:

    Unfortunately I was stupid enough to buy a share in this project (coned into it). I have not been able to use my week for the last 3 yeas. I belive that this project is all about cheating people by renting the rooms to either other RCI owners or to customers walking directley in from the street, and at the same time have some stupid owneres paying more pr. week in maintenance fees, than a hotel room in midtown Manhattan cost.

    The selling price for rooms after you bought it is about 20% of the price you payed when you bought the place.

    My hope is that a great deal of owners would find together and start a case against them.

    I am not paying anything anymore, I rather cast away the money i spend than paying anything anymore


  3. jan says:

    I went there last month, they have lot of people at the showroom. The salesperson started with $41K for 7 days/year timeshare at the club with about $1900 yearly maintenance fee plus tax. I think that’s too expensive, then they cut it down to $13K for 2 days/year timeshares with $1600 yearly maintenance fee plus tax (which they said they’ll wave the first 3 years fee) . Besides, it’s hard to plan your NY trip 90 days in advance, if not, you may not able to use it. Even if you want the RCI plan, you have to pay a $200 onetime fee, plus $89 yearly fee. I suggest you to take a look at their RCI website to see if their timeshare locations is good for you. For me, I don’t think I can breakeven with buying any timeshare plan they have, but if you have a big family, it’ll be a different story…..

  4. naomi weller says:

    The Manhattan Club seems to have oversold. we bought an annual flex seven years ago. Its been hard to get even a few days, and then not when we want to go. If dissatisfied owners could somehow get together, maybe a class action suit could be filed. This is consumer fraud.

  5. DAVID NASSER says:


  6. TONY says:

    The problem is not exclusive to this place in Manhattan…We have had two units for decades and are not on the point system.

    We NEVER can book anywhere we want to go, no matter how far in advance…our units are in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii, and sure we can go back to them, BUT that defeats the propose of trading weeks within rci.

    We use to have no problems, but it has become increasingly worse year by year!

    Anyway, we are more than willing to take part in a class action suit.

    The lawyer would/should be in or around their main office at:

    RCI North America Office

    9998 North Michigan

    Road Carmel, IN 46032

  7. Robo says:

    Thanks for the comments concerning the Manhattan Club. Found it in the nick of time, and saved me. A great property but obviously mismanaged. Good luck with the lawsuite.

  8. To be named later says:

    The scam is actually worse. I had the same problem (was laughed at as well, I guess with paying almost 30000$ US you are just part of a party of “riffraffs” who have no rights). In my case we purchased a Gold Flex 52 plan and I was told that I could not book the last two weeks of the year. However the timeshare is not called Flex 50. That is a significant breach of contract. I am suing them for that. If I had a penny for every time the salesperson told me ANY week, I would probably already have made my 30,000 back. I am going to drag these people through the New York court system as long as it is necessary. This will be my personal vendetta for their cheating, fraudulent ways.

  9. barb says:

    This place has caused me agita and dissatisfaction. I would be willing to join anyone in a class action suit. Not only 9 months in advance but maintenance fees that have gone up over 30% each year!!! For one week, silver, I pay $2300 in maintenance fees. WHen we joined, it was 499.

    Not only that, they use the studios to offer packages (sales pitch) which is why you cant get a room there. I am so disgusted ……

  10. Salvatore P. Reale, Executive Director of Operations, The Manhattan Club says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns regarding your experiences while visiting The Manhattan Club. Feedback from our owners and guests are an important part of improving our service. Your comments and observations are important to our managers and staff in helping us provide positive experiences.

    The Manhattan Club management team is listening closely to all the experiences being shared. It is unfortunate that the experiences have not all been positive but we want you to know that we are listening and are working to ensure that your stay at The Manhattan Club is everything you expect and all that you deserve.

  11. Coleen Shannon says:

    Please contact me regarding a lawsuit. I have ample proof that we have not been able to reserve a room using our timeshare. Furthermore, I still have not received a reasonabl explaination of why rooms are available to rent, but not available to timeshare owners. I welcome the opportunity to be part of a lawsuit.

  12. Eric Schwartz says:

    I would like to add my name to a lawsuit regarding the lack of reservation availability of rooms, even when planning 9 months in advance. While I have found the owner services staff to offer excellent service, the reservation situation as described in this thread is unacceptable, and has not improved, while the fees rise each year.

  13. Susan Schneider says:

    Let’s do a class action lawsuit. I haven’t been able to use mine for a few years. Bought 10 years ago and was told the day we bought that we were in the last teir of buyers. We used to be able to book a month ahead during every season except holiday of Thanksgiving. Now I call and was told to ask for a certain lady and she would hook me up with my room. Also was told that the $900. maint. fee we had at the beginning wouldn’t ever be more than $1200. I just got a bill from a collection agency because I told MC I refused to pay another year. Last year I had to bank with RCI. I can have a much cheaper maint. fee with my Wyndym Timeshare and bank if I need to but I never have a proble getting in if I call a few months out. The MC is a scam and our Maint. fees are paying for the developer to finance his “hotel”. I can probably get an attorney to take this on if we have enough people that speak up. please contact me.

  14. Ken Lollar says:

    We purchaced our timeshare in 2003. Our unit is a jr.executive suite for every other year with an initial maintanace fee of $ 535.00. Since then our maintainace fee has jumped to over $1700. Initially we were able to call for a room a month before and there was no problem getting a reserveration. Now over the last few years we are being told that we must call 9 months in advance in order to get a room but when you call 9 months to the day at 9am in the morning they tell you that there are no rooms available! Yet if you go to rci extra vacations,you can purchace a 3-4 day rental for the same days that I have asked for, for a large sum of money! It is amazing that as a time share owner, rooms are not available for us but are available for rci renters. We will gladly join in a class action suit. Please advise us at

  15. Tes says:

    I am going to ask our real estate att’y about initiating a class action suit

  16. Janet Gewirtzman says:

    I would definitely want to join a class action law suit. I lost 2 nights last year because I can’t plan 9 months in advance and there was never any availability after that, not even for midweek nights. Plesae let me know what to do and I’m ready to fight.

  17. Gerry Pastor says:

    count me in.

    1) when I bought in 2008 it was implied that i could use the unit for either trade points or occupancy …. which i subsequently learned isn’t true.

    2) called with three months to go in my year and of course nothing available. I’d be willing to contribute significantly to expose this fraud.

  18. Michael Matassa says:

    paid $30,000 ++ for this worthless property in 2006 and was told it was a great investment because of the quote “only timeshare in NYC”…

    I am in on a class action. correct me if i am wrong but isnt it against the law to sell or solicit a time share as an investment…

    Federal Trade Commission

    § 310.3 Deceptive telemarketing acts or practices.

    (a) Prohibited deceptive telemarketing acts or practices. It is a deceptive telemarketing act or practice and a violation of this Rule for any seller or telemarketer to engage in the following conduct:

    (2) Misrepresenting, directly or by implication, in the sale of goods or services any of the following material information:

    (iii) Any material aspect of the performance, efficacy, nature, or central characteristics of goods or services that are the subject of a sales offer;

    (vi) Any material aspect of an investment opportunity including, but not limited to, risk, liquidity, earnings potential, or profitability;

    (4) Making a false or misleading statement to induce any person to pay for goods or services or to induce a charitable contribution

  19. H & S says:

    Here is one more vote to institute a class action suit. Our personal experience is similar to those already voiced. Of course despite several attempts to sell our one week gold flex plan, there were no offers. We then offered to give it away and got many people interested. Please know, and this is significant, if you sell it for even one dollar, MC charges a $1,000 transfer fee. If you give it away, the fee drops to $100. And interestingly, MC, themselves, despite having a ‘right of first refusal’ is not interested in reacquiring the time share. Clearly, this is a product with no value.

  20. Joseph Magliato says:

    I too, have had the same experience many of you have described. I would bet, the best outcomen would be a forced sale of the property of the Manhattan Club. We, as fractional owners, (I do have a deed to the property) may then be entitled to something, and these onerous maintenance fees would finally be over. It’s a simple math problem, If my unit is sold for 50 weeks and the maintenance is roughly 1700 for each of the owners, our 1 unit would generate 1700 x 50 or 85,000 dollars alone. Yikes!! That’s a lot of linens.

  21. Joseph Magliato says:

    I too, have had the same experience many of you have described. I would bet, the best outcome would be a forced sale of the property of the Manhattan Club. We, as fractional owners, (I do have a deed to the property) may then be entitled to something, and these onerous maintenance fees would finally be over. It’s a simple math problem, If my unit is sold for 50 weeks and the maintenance is roughly 1700 for each of the owners, our 1 unit would generate 1700 x 50 or 85,000 dollars alone. Yikes!! That’s a lot of linens.

  22. Nancy Jane Newman says:

    My husband and I are close to 80 years of age; at this point in our lives we don’t even know if we’ll be around in 9 months! We have three weeks at the Manhattan Club. We generally use two and bank one with RCI which has been a big rip-off. When we bought our timeshares it was easy to get accommodations – now it’s a nightmare.

  23. Colleen says:

    Join the class action suit vs. The Manhattan Club being put together by owners as we speak. Go here, and become a member:

  24. Delfi says:

    Bought in 2001 and have had exactly the same experience that most of you have had. I would certainly join a class action. Please contact me if interested or let me know if there’s a law firm already working on this.

  25. George Kain says:

    I am interested it pursuing a class action lawsuit as well, for all the same reasons as have been stated by all previous writers. Please contact me to have me join up.

  26. Roberta Valentine says:

    Please contact me too! I am SO glad to have found this site. The Manhattan Club has taken serious advantage of my elderly parents. The fees alone are a huge burden on them. Nearly $2000.00 a year for a vacation they cannot take!

  27. james N says:

    i need to be part of this lawsuit.

  28. Colleen says:



  29. Corinnne says:

    Some of you are already in our Yahoo group.

    Working on action… Will take some time.

    DOES ANYONE WHO HAS OWNED 10 years ago have the Offering Plan that was given at that time?

    The Developer keeps developing more and more ownership interests and does not send out the Offering Plan revisions to owners so now there are biennial, triennial, and most recently, QUADRENNIAL ownerships!!

    Developers are not suppose to retain primary ownership interests for deeded “condos” as our paperwork says, but at MC, they just keep developing! Of course, reservations are scarce!

    Not to mention they still sell this as an investment.

    Any older documents in anyone’s records would be appreciated. Email me at


  30. Ken Strawn says:

    Please send me info on joining lawsuit.

  31. Robert Royer says:

    Bought Gold Flex($27,000 cash) in 2003. Have used it three times to date. Can’t get in, was told when purchased would only need a month or two to book ahead. Not only should we continue with the class action suit, we should get the local government to look at a crimial charge. Since no one can get in why pay the maintanance fees?

  32. richard says:

    please count me in on the lawsuit. my understanding is, that the attorneys have applied for class action status in southern district fed court new york. im so happy that these thieves are being taken to task. i have had the same miserable experience as all of you.

  33. Maureen says:

    I would like to get the survey for the class action suit

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