Anyone here have Red Mountain Resort & Spa on their list?

I recently received a press release that said, “Red Mountain Spa is expanding its name to Red Mountain Resort & Spa.”

It also listed some of their packages. The premium ones ($379/person double occupancy) sounded pretty interesting: Detoxification and Renewal, Eat Well, Feel Well Culinary School, Emotional Fitness, Fitness Boot Camp, Girlfriends Spa Road Trip, Life Compass Retreat, Passages — What’s NEXT!, Zion Adventure, Red Rock Honeymoon, Spa Sampler, Stepping Stones…Transitions through Menopause, and Ultimate Spa Getaway.

I wasn’t sure if this would be a good destination for solo travelers (the ala carte “package” is $179/night single or double occupancy but otherwise rates seem to be based on double occupancy). It also seemed that the packages were designed to attract women more than men. I had a chance to ask Tracey Welsh, the general manager of Red Mountain Resort & Spa, these and a couple of other questions about the resort.

I see there are some packages aimed clearly at women: Girlfriends Spa Road Trip and Transitions through Menopause, for example. Are there any packages aimed specifically toward men?

We see many men take advantage of our Signature Package, where they can add on our outdoor adventure trips, such as Rock Climbing, Canyoneering, and Mountain Biking. Men also come for our Eat Well Feel Well Culinary School and our Detoxification & Renewal Package.

My question: Other than hikes and the resort itself, what attractions can travelers find nearby? How might a short stay at the Red Mountain resort and Spa fit into a longer vacation itinerary?

A “must do” when you are here is to visit Zion National Park. Red Mountain offers guided hiking experiences throughout our area and can handle all your needs to go to Zion. It’s only an hour away and is a magnificent experience. We’re also within hours of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon National Park.

My question: What are some good packages for a solo traveler and have you got any tips on how someone staying at the resort alone can have the most possible fun?

The Red Mountain Resort & Spa is perfect for a solo guest, as our hiking program and community dining table provide a great place to meet fellow spa-goers. We see guests who meet at the spa come time and time again for their own Red Mountain Reunion! One of our newest packages that may appeal to a solo traveler is our Inward Bound Meditation and Yoga retreat with Andrea Hanson. Andrea is trained and recommended by Deepak Chopra, and this retreat is designed for you to really focus on your own needs and explore those age old questions “Who Am I?” “What do I really want?”.

My question: What is the essential message you want to communicate to my readers?

Red Mountain Resort & Spa is in an astonishing setting that inspires our guests to challenge themselves in many ways, and our goal is to help our guests take that inspiration home to live a better life. Some may find new ways to enjoy healthy food, others will be inspired to add daily fitness into their lives, and again others will find new ways to reduce stress. It’s truly a vacation experience that helps you live a better life.

My question: What philosophy is reflected in the strength and cardio centers? Are machines emphasized over dumbbells and barbells? Are sprints and HIIT emphasized over jogging on a treadmill?

According to Red Mountain Resort & Spa Fitness Manager Kim Watters, the philosophy we employ is to work out smarter, not harder. It is important to know your personal fat burning heart rate zone, your aerobic base, as well as your anaerobic threshold, which is the point they your begin working your muscles without oxygen, believed to be at about 87% of your Maximum Heart Rate. With this information you will be much more efficient in reaching your fitness goals. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you will want to work out within a heart rate range where you will optimize the most number of calories that come from your body. In regards to free weights versus machines, we take an individualized approach. If our guest is strong enough to execute an exercise with proper form, free weights will benefit and challenge them. When a weight machine is used, the guest does not need to support their own body weight or balance themselves as much throughout the exercise. Machines for this guest are safer to use, and guests find them user friendly.

With regards to sprints versus jogging on a treadmill, again, we take a goal oriented individualized approach. Does our guest want to improve their agility and speed, or do they want to run a marathon. The suggested work out is specific to their needs. Personally, I find the treadmill workout a little boring and am more passionate about working out in the outdoors or with a group. Others may love the “alone” time on a treadmill to really focus on their goals.

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  1. Linda Bator says:

    I am James’ travel agent, and can say with confidence I have sold this spot to several clients who not only loved it, have re-booked a second time, third…etc. You can easily fly into and out of Las Vegas, take their shuttle to the resort, and enjoy the area for all its offerings. This is a beautiul resort where you can mix activities, visits to the National Park and wonderful spa treatments. I highly recommend it!

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