Anyone still looking for a place to sleep in London this summer?

I thought I might write about London accommodations with the Olympics coming up. I hope that any of you lucky enough to be going to London this summer were smart enough to have accommodations taken care of way in advance but now is better than next month if you haven’t. And the rest of us will just have to live vicariously as you shop for a night’s sleep in London.

Hotels seem to start at $100 for pretty cheap options and $150 is more like a normal hotel in a normal area. I did manage to look at one alternative site before getting hopelessly distracted. That would be rentals and their London page specifically. You could get a place like Aberdare Gardens – I picked it cause the name sounded nice – but it turns out you can’t get a place like that this summer because it’s already booked. The price after the Olympics is 671 GBP a night – not bad for what looks like a 7 bedroom mansion to me.

I was thinking I might keep trying elsewhere in London but I have a story to tell and some chores to finish soon.

The story I’m reminded of is my own quest for affordable accommodations in London for New Year’s not so long ago. I don’t think I ever got around to writing my story about the illegal Korean B&B we stayed at.

My wife, who is Korean, found the place online. I was very happy that she took care of everything and it seemed alright in terms of price – we paid in Korean won if I remember correctly but it might have come to about 60 GBP per night. And that included breakfast and dinner. It was nothing gourmet, typical Korean fare including rice and side dishes.

So we arrive in London and start looking for the place. We can’t find it anywhere. We’re walking on some residential street and there’s no hotel or any business sign of any kind. We give them a call and learn there is no sign – it’s just someone’s house. Obviously they don’t want to pay the UK’s high taxes. My wife said something about their website asking you to be vague on your immigration card or something. That explained that.

In the first place, the woman who did the cooking and cleaning was Chinese. My wife complained about her cooking and we ended up eating our meals in the other house the same people owned. Here, the cook was an old Korean woman. It seemed she fell madly in love with me, which meant we ate pretty well.

I’m not sure what else there is to tell with this story but a big part of our trip was eating our meals with the old Korean woman chatting with us about what a handsome white devil I am.

Edit – a couple places available during the August Olympics (for the moment anyway):

King Street rental – from 287£ per night

Grafton Square rental – from 147£ per night

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