Are profits and stock prices more important than offering employees health insurance?

This story made it to Yahoo’s front page for a bit. Seems Disney is trying to save money by making more of its employees unable to get health insurance. If you ask me the Disney execs making millions are the ones who should be going to jail but as usual it’s the poor people who suffer. Protest because you want health insurance from a huge company that makes tons of money, go to jail.

By the way, here’s a stock market guy claiming that Disney is doing such great business that the US can’t possibly be in a recession. So Disney is making enough money to pay its employees. The financial data is here if you’re used to looking at stock info.

My parents wanted to go to Disney with my wife and I this winter. I really can’t see myself going to Disney until this labor dispute is resolved. I wonder if that resolution will end with more foreign workers in Disney hotels and fewer Americans with health insurance.

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  1. c.marz says:

    This hits home for me. This is the first summer in 10 years I haven’t been able to take my family to Disney World. This year was to be special, because my daughter graduated from grade school. She as well as the wife were disappointed.

    The reason for this ? Not because I can’t afford it. It is because of the economy’s uncertainty. I must worry about layoffs after 20 years on the job, or loss of pay, benefit cuts ( insurance ), not to mention tuition for my daughters High School w/ all the fees that come with it.

    This saddens me to hear. It cost me a minimal of $5000 – 6000 a year to stay at Disney. Most of my money is spent in Disney – outside of airfare. Multiply that by the thousands a day staying at all Disney owned properties. I can only afford to do this because I am paid Union wages. With the amount of money Disney makes, they should take care of their employees benefits. Considering the fact that wages for Disney employees are relatively low. It isn’t as if they give you a real savings by staying with them. You can do all inclusives elsewhere for less. They obviously aren’t hurting for money, as everyone else is, including their employees. They need to pay up and shut up if they want my loyalty.

  2. Spense says:

    Screw Disney……. we’ll never go there again! I know what it’s like to have an employer not value you. The criminal execs will never get another dollar of mine!

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