Aritcles on the importance of travel insurance and information on medical evacuation membership programs

This article contains a pretty scary scenario:

My aunt and I were visiting Mexico, and due to a medical emergency she had to be evacuated back to a hospital in the U.S. because we felt that adequate care couldn’t be provided in Mexico. This emergency medical transport cost over $40,000. Is this an unreasonable amount, or is this what such evacuations cost?

The answer is that air ambulances really cost $40,000 or more. Here’s a blog entry explaining Medjet Assist. This is a program where for an annual membership fee you can get medical evac services if you need them. The first article I linked to mentions the same one, Medjet Assist, and another one, AirMed.

Speaking of medical evacuation and things, here’s an article on the importance of travel insurance:

Even if you have comprehensive health insurance at home, your coverage abroad might be significantly reduced or nonexistent. Medical coverage typically is offered for travel insurance, though the limits vary widely.

Apparently those limits don’t usually include bringing you home when there’s a medical problem. They usually drop you off at the nearest hospital that has a high enough quality rating, no matter what country it’s in.

Here’s another article recommending travel insurance. They quote a travel agent who says “most, but not all, private company insurance does cover people who become ill or injured while on vacation in the United States…. Definitely purchase (travel insurance) if you are traveling internationally. Most insurance companies don’t cover you outside the U.S.”

All this talk about the necessity of travel insurance makes me wonder about taking it out myself. It would be the first time, but why not? Apparently insurance isn’t all that expensive ($35 according to one article). And the chances of me getting sick are probably small, but if I do, I don’t want to end up paying $40,000 like the person in the first article…

The question would be do I go for travel insurance, or so I add medical evacuation coverage of some kind (with one of the Airmed or Medjet membership programs).

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