Aruba for honeymoon in September?

Reader question:

About to pull the trigger on Aruba after much research. We wnat a September honeymoon there. I went once when I was a kid, 16 years ago, so I imagine a lot has changed (not that I remember much anyway).

I am looking into the Riu there as a nice all-inclusive package but I am open to hear other feedback on other Hotels.

I would do the Hyatt, but I don’t believe they offer all-inclusive which is what we want. The best all-inclusive in Aruba is the Westin, but its almost 50% more than the Riu, which I’ve heard is the next best AI resort.


People are all very friendly and speak English. It’s out of the hurricane zone, gets a lot of sun but has steady trade winds so you can stay on the beach all day and not get too overly hot.

Also remember Aruba is much closer to the equator than other islands. The sun is VERY STRONG. Sun screen is an absolute must anytime you are outdoors. I got sun burned on the jeep tour even with sun screen and I normally don’t even from being at the beach all day.

Also, a lot of people don’t realize how arid Aruba is. It is like a desert in certain places.

Everything is relatively close (airport, resorts, casinos, etc.) and the climate usually means you don’t have to worry about your trip being ruined by rain. Also, I wouldn’t do an all-inclusive. There’s quite a few solid restaurants I’d prefer to hit while there.

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  1. Jonny says:

    I stayed at the Hyatt – not all-inclusive, but awesome. I did a lot on the island, scuba diving around some wrecks (my first time SCUBA diving), rented jeeps and drove around the island, etc. A lot of fun.

    Plus, in the casino I was so drunk playing blackjack the dealer stopped me from taking a hit once with 20. That’s customer service.

  2. Marty says:

    Aruba is one of my favorite spots for vacation. The people, the beaches, the uncommon landscape of the island, the fact that it’s a bit off the hurricane belt, the cooling breeze in the early months of the year, etc make it a can’t miss for me.

    I’ve stayed at the Marriott Ocean Club mainly – a bit down Palm Beach – as we own a timeshare there. As far as AI’s – i’ve heard nothing but

    positives about the RIU.

    Keep in mind that you’ll want to venture outside the resort for meals as well – Madame Janette’s, El Gaucho, Flying Fishbone are all musts for me.

    I’ve also heard that the Divi is a solid choice for an AI vacation.

    Be sure to rent a jeep and just get lost for a day. Drive to the north side of the island cross-country.

  3. Sharon says:

    I grew up on the island of Aruba where my Dad worked for Exxon. It was a great place, and although it has become more touristy, I know from friends that it is still the same in many ways. Scuba diving, swimming, boating, and all the water sports are recommended. The island is small, so it’s easy enough to drive from one end to the other (a jeep is recommended)in less than an hour to explore. It is dry most of the year, not typically tropical, with a landscape of coral, white sand beaches, cacti, and divi divi trees that are bent horizontally from the steady breezes. The weather is just about perfect. Even though it’s always summer there, the tradewinds blow year round. People are friendly, food is excellent, and Aruba is all about having fun in a casual atmosphere.

  4. David says:

    Wow, this is pretty Ironic. I told my co-worker that I was interested in an AI vacation and they recommended the RIU in Aruba. I was looking at a week (7 days) in August. I’m glad others have agreed that it is a great resort/hotel. I’ll be checking back to see if there is are any more comments on it.

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