Aruba honeymoon – yay or nay?

Reader question: My fiance and I are getting married in October of this year, and we have been looking into honeymoon options. We are considering going to Aruba, at an all inclusive. We looked at a few options, including the Bucuti resort, Occidental, and a few others.

I was just wondering if anyone here had any experience/suggestions/recommendations, as neither of us have been there before. Any help would be awesome.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I grew up on the island of Aruba, but it has been some years since I returned. Although it has become a major tourist attraction, I still hear favorable comments from many of my former classmates and friends who vacation there frequently. Aruba is a great place, wonderful weather, and probably the most perfect white sand beaches anywhere. If you’re into swimming or any type of water sports such as scuba, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing, you’ll find it in Aruba. There are any number of excellent hotels, timeshares, etc., on the island, and a variety of restaurants, shops, and things to do. There’s a lot of good information at Aruba is a small island, as compared to Hawaii, but in my opinion offers as much or more. I know you’ll have a wonderful time there.

  2. Dale says:

    Yes, Aruba is a great place to go and very safe. I would recommend the Occidental, Mariott, Raddison, Hyatt or the Holiday Inn. ALL are excellent. You will love it!

  3. Barb says:

    There is a new RIU all inclusive that just opened up. If you haven’t stayed at a RIU they are very nice. This one is the RIU Palace. I went to Aruba this January and had a wonderful time. The weather is perfect year round.

  4. Jenise says:

    I would say depending on what you are wanting to encounter in Aruba will be the decisioning factor. For W. Caribbean – St. Martin would be my recommendation because it has a little of everything and the French/Dutch culture is great. If you’re completely torn, try the 7 day Western Caribbean cruise that starts in Puerto Rico and goes to St. Thomas, St. Martin, Aruba, Curacao. Try RC or Princess.

  5. Jerseygal says:

    Too windy for my taste. I’ve been to many of the Islands and I think my favorite may be

    Antigua. But many people just love Aruba wind and all.

    I went in October 2007 with a bunch of girlfriends. We stayed in a time share (The Beach Club, I think). It was brand new and very nice. We were mostly into lying on the beach/pool during the day and going out to eat/casino at night. I didn’t get to do any sightseeing, but we did go on a snorkeling trip that was nice. I have never been snorkeling before, but I loved it.

    It is almost like America-lite. Everyone speaks English and you can use American money everywhere. Even the TV in the hotel was American


    The flight was long, I originally had a non-stop from Atlanta but for reasons still unknown to me, Delta cancelled their one flight back to ATL on my return date, so I had to fly American, which meant a connection at Miami. But it wasn’t a bad trip. BUT be aware that you do have to go through customs coming back and it was a PAIN when I returned and took about 2 hours.

    I would go back to Aruba, but FWIW, I think it’s cheaper and more convenient to go the Florida Keys. No customs, and shorter flight.

  6. NYC says:

    had two friends get married recently…

    One went to Aruba, the other to St. Lucia.

    Let me just say, I can’t wait to go to St. Lucia. Not that there’s anything wrong with Aruba (quite the opposite), but it seemed like Aruba has amazing beaches and weather that’s always perfect (the wind makes the heat OK) and….that’s about it. St. Lucia has amazing beaches, some of the best snorkling/scuba in the Caribbean and an amazing geography. There’s a lush rain forests and the Pitons, which are an amazing set of volcanic plugs. The resorts around them are simply mind blowing (but so are the pricetags). St. Lucia also seems to have a lot more choices as far as all-inclusives go, and the resorts just seem to be more sprawling than what I saw of Aruba, which all seemed to feel like regular high-rise hotels.

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with Aruba and it may very well be your thing, but you’d be best served to find out what you actually want to do on this trip (besides the obvious) and figure out which destination offers the most.

  7. anthill says:

    all inclusive is a bad idea for Aruba. You limit yourself food wise by doing it. It’s not a place where you have to stay at the resort or risk getting shot or robbed.

    Rent a dirt bike, it’s the best way to see the island. I had a Kawasaki 175 2-stroke – that little sucker could do 70! You can go anywhere with the bike, and many places you won’t get to with 4 wheels. Be sure to see the bat cave, the old mine, and my favorite, the ruins of the oil refinery – I love the smell of crude oil in the


    Back to serious:

    food is probably the best in the Caribbean. I highly recommend two restaurants:

    Papamiento, cuisine is seafood with more of a local flair, great atmosphere, definitely sit outside. They do clay pots and stones, which are pretty cool if you haven’t done them before.

    El Gaucho is an excellent steakhouse, serving Argentine beef. Very, very good, and I consider myself a fairly well-versed steak eater.

    A thought would be daylong excursions to the islands of Bonaire and Curacao, these are unique places with a very Dutch feel, more so than Aruba (especially Willemstad, Curacao).

    Aruba is easy to get to from the US, with service from all the major carriers (AA/CO/DL/US/UA), plus Spirit and JetBlue. The airport has a US CBP preclearance facility, which allows you to pass through US customs prior to departure, so your arrival in the US will be like a normal domestic flight. This is a very nice service, much like what is offered at the major Canadian airports (for those of you who have flown transborder).

  8. CKS says:

    We found Aruba not very attractive, flat, no lush tropical trees. Weather was nice and warm though. I didn’t feel safe there. Not much to see or do either.

  9. Denise says:

    Aruba is a beautiful island. The people are very friendly and polite. Just be careful not to have too much fun in the sun. Too much alcohol and sunshine don’t mix. I learned the hard way. Also, consult your physician about your medication. Your medication may make you more sun senstitive. For those fair-skinned, load up on 45 SPF.

  10. dave richards says:

    aruba is a annual destination with us. We’ve been to just about every other caribbean location, and aruba’s great weather, friendly people, excellent standards of service, reasonable prices, and huge variety of things to do make it our second choice (after belize) in the caribbean.

    If you want to do all-inclusive, RIU is a solid choice – new, nice, well located. However, you can easily have more variety, and nicer options, if you choose a resort. I like the marriott, but the others referenced earlier in the posts are also excellent!

    Sunset dinner cruises along the palm coast are romantic. Snorkeling options abound on the island, and even if its not bonaire, it’s still excellent snorkeling. Casinos provide sufficient night life for a week (tho don’t expect this island to rock till dawn – it just ain’t happening!).

    anyhow – you can’t go wrong honeymooning there – we’ve run into many who were honeymooning, and to a couple, they thought it was fabulous.

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