Aruba – Hyatt, Marriott Surf and Ocean Club facilities, Radisson

I spoke to someone who has a time share at the Aruba – Marriott Surf Club. It’s newer than the Mariott Ocean Club, which is next to the hotel. The “OK” casino is in the hotel and the beach is a little less convienent from the Surf Club.

The Mariott has some nice beach. The beach is crowded in some areas but what do you expect on a beach in Aruba? I’m also told that the Marriott has a great pool, and that the pool bar has good deals. Personally, I love pool bars.

All in all, the Mariott comes highly recommended. I did hear some good things about the Aruba Radisson (but also heard that the food there is some of the worst food in Aruba) and also spoke to someone who rented a house with some friends. The three of them spent 1500 US dollars on the week for a small house. Split three ways, that’s not bad.

The Hyatt is the nicest hotel on Island, but of course it is very expensive. I hear

they’re building a Ritz which would be nicer and more expensive.

I’m told that there’s really not a bad time to go except for the week of President’s Day when Aruba is a mob scene (especially that 3 day weekend). Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt and the weather is a pretty constant 80 – 85 degrees. That doesn’t sound too hot, but be very careful in the sun. Aruba is very close to equator and the sun is intense even though with the breeze you won’t feel it. Use sun block or very high SPF.

Check back soon for some restaurant recommendations in Aruba. I’m compiling them from a few freinds now.

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  1. Aruba Girl says:

    Aruba is beautiful. Stayed at the Holiday Inn and also at the Ren. Aruba (in the center of town). Toured the Marriott Surf Club. Beautiful rooms. The beach is the nicest by the holiday inn.

    Marriott beach has a lot of seaweed. Holiday Inn is just a short walk from there.

  2. RS says:

    The best place to stay in Aruba is the Bucuti Beach Resort/Tara Beach Suites and Spa for a quiet vacation. It caters to couples, very quiet and romantic. They will work hard to make sure your stay is perfect. However, stay away from the restaurant at the hotel, food was pretty bad and very overpriced. We only ate there out of default, our flight came in late and we didn’t want to go anywhere else. They are going through a remodel (might be done) and it will be even better.

  3. John P says:

    Is it really right that we support the Aruba economy while there is still an American High school student missing down there. Maybe I’ll think about traveling there after justice has been served!

  4. Jim says:

    John, did you vote for Bush? How ignorant of you.

    Who lets their underage daughter party in a night club at 2:00 AM Sunday morning in a foreign country?

    I highly suspect that Miss Innocent wasn’t as innocent as Fox News and Mr. Loofa plays her out to be…

  5. Rachael says:

    If you have gone to Aruba after Natalee has been missing then shame on you. NO matter what she did or didn’t do she didn’t deserve that! You are serving your own selfish interests! ALL Americans should stay out of Aruba!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fred says:

    Jim Did you vote for Kerry? How stupid of you. Do you consider all girls out at 2:00AM fair game for killers,

  7. Mike says:

    Boycott Aruba

  8. Peter says:

    I went to Aruba on my Honeymoon. But will now never go back because of the Natalee Halloway situation. The way the government has handle this case is a disgrace. I don’t care what you watch Jim, if you think this if OKAY the Democratic party deserve’s people like you.

  9. Tracy says:

    John, Fred, Mike and Peter,

    Why don’t you start on the USA murder problems.


  10. crystal says:

    I have been to Aruba about 4 years ago and I am going again this year. The situation with Natalee is tragic, but life goes on. If everyone is disgusted with there government and the cover up then why live in America because in this world, that is a way of life

  11. Rachael L Reagan says:

    Those who go serve only selfish interests, feeling safe is far from being safe. Once something happens you have no American laws to help you, that is why it is different here. If you are foolish enough to go after they publicly say it is common to drug drinks in a bar then God help you! By going you are showing just what kind of American you really are, you don’t care how a we are treated!

  12. John O says:

    I’ve going to Aruba for the past 10 years. The weather is great, the people are awsome.The island people really cater to tourists. You can walk anywhere at any time and feel safe. Yes, what happened to Natalee is terrible, but the girl was out partying until 2 AM!! This happens in the US every day! I will not punish these people for the actions of a few.

  13. Fred Likmypee says:

    You are all ignorant if you think that what happened to Natalee doesn’t happen EVERY DAY in America. I have been going to Aruba for 20 years. Now I will travel somewhere else, NOT because of Natalee, but because of all the media coverage, the island is OVERRUN with ignorant, cheap, Americans. Thanks Fox News for screwing up a once great island.

  14. BILL says:

    DON’T BUY A TIME SHARE @ THE MARRIOTT ARUBA SURF CLUB. It’s not worth it. They raised the main. fees over 18% in one year. The only offered me 75,000 points as a trade in which won’t even get you 4 nights in a residence inn , in San diego.

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