Aruba restaurants highly recommended by my friends in the know

This is the guide on where to eat in Aruba that I promised yesterday in my review of places to stay in Aruba. These restaurant recommendations come from five friends of mine who have been to Aruba at different times.

The most highly recommended restaurant in Aruba is El Gaucho for dinner. El Gaucho is a great steak restaurant, said to be on par with the famous Peter Lugar’s. Que Pasa and Churrascaria were also suggested for good for meat and steaks.

Also definitely try Madame Jeanette’s for dinner. It’s a little off the beaten path but every cab driver knows it. Great atmosphere and food. Le Dome has excellent Belgian food and a nice Italian place (run by a family of Italian immigrants) is Hosteria da Vittorio.

A very good, casual, and inexpensive restaurant in Aruba is “The Pelican’s Nest” – Walk out of the Mariott surf club, go to the beach, and make a left. You’ll see it out on the water. The Japanese Hibachi place, Blossom, in the Wyndham has excellent food and service. The early bird special for about $16.95 is a great deal.

Papiamente was recommended as a place to visit without the kids. The Queen of the Netherlands has eaten there but I don’t know if Her Majesty has had Brazil fish, a luscious, snapperlike delicacy that’s caught only in March and April. Driftwood is good for Caribbean seafood. It is a very popular place, but not much to look at. It is certainly a place the kids will be welcome and enjoy. Also mentioned were the Flying Fishbone and the Buccaneer for dinner spots.

There’s also a very nice restaurant in the Hyatt, Ruinas Del Mar. It’s on the bottom floor of Hyatt Aruba on a romantic balcony overlooking the beach. Acqua Grill has really great seafood, but it has more of a rest chain feel than something indiginous to Aruba.

Finally I was told to stay away from the Sunset Grill in the Radisson even though it is touted as one of the best. My friend had his worst meal in Aruba there and said the food in the Radisson overall was mediocre. Another friend told me the same thing.

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  1. david says:

    They kill Americans there. Are you touting last meals.

  2. david says:

    They kill Americans there. Are you touting last meals.

  3. Rachael L Reagan says:

    They cover for those that kill Americans maybe you’d want to send your daughter?

  4. JOe A. says:

    Do you know how many foreigners are killed in the USA every day? Aruba is as safe as you can get.

  5. TC says:

    I have eaten at El Gauchos three times on two separate visits. They where among the best steaks I ever had.

    PS Aruba is also one of the safest places I been.

  6. Mike says:

    Boycott Aruba.

  7. James Trotta says:

    There was one incident in Aruba. It was very high profile, but everyone I know who has been there says it is perfectly safe. The people who tell me it’s dangerous are (to my knowledge) people who have never been there. No offense, but I trust my friends who have visited Aruba.

  8. derrick says:

    Check out Texas DeBrazil, I went there and boy did I get my full!! Skip lunch and get ready for dinner, you’ll be well pleased!

  9. mw says:

    I was married in Aruba in 2001,returned in ’02 and will go again this April. It is very safe. Granted what happened is horrible but very isolated. We’ve met many locals and all we very nice. there are questionable places everywhere-think about Jamaica,Mexico and Bahamas, which i will not travel too.Of all the Aruba restaurants listed I like El Gaucho and Driftwood. There is also a good one up at Tierra del Sol and the Aruba Phoenix has a good restaurant too.

  10. karen says:

    I am glad you mentioned the Flying Fishbone. It is a very romantic place with tables on the beach. The best time to eat there is at sunset – absolutely gorgeous!

  11. JK says:

    Boycott Aruba? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I found the people in Aruba to be extremely nice, even towards obnoxious, rich American tourists. I felt that Aruba was perfectly safe- mush safer than the states (obviuosly). Maybe we should boycott the United States- do you know how many people are murdered here every day? People need to educate themselves before making judgements!

  12. RABBIT says:

    Try Twinkle Tones for dinner and a show.

    You’ll love it.

  13. RABBIT says:

    Try Twinkle Tones for dinner and a show.

    You’ll love it.

  14. Tracy says:

    Everyone just stay away so I can go back and enjoy it with out the crowds~

    Aruba is safer than the USA. Anyone who says anything different has not been there before.

    Save ARUBA!

  15. MKD says:

    Obnoxious Americans…Ha! I love how all Americans can be stereotyped.

    But yes, because of the choatic police and legal system I would not spend my obnoxious American dollar there – so for all who disagree and rejoice in us not coming…enjoy. And remember not to take long walks on the beach with the locals…

  16. Sue says:

    I went to the Pelican’s Nest at least 3 times and it was awesome-good food and people.

  17. TAMMIE says:


  18. Rachael L Reagan says:

    Those who go serve only selfish interests, feeling safe is far from being safe. Once something happens you have no American laws to help you. If you are foolish enough to go after they publicly say it is common to drug drinks in a bar then God help you! By going you are showing just what kind of American you really are, you don’t care how a we are treated!

  19. Joe A says:

    Then go to France and see how you are treated ..THEY JUST LOVE AMERICANS…if this is your criteria then just stay home.

  20. Jack says:

    The best ribs in Aruba can be found at “Baby Back Grill”….located on Main St towards the airport. A little native restaurant operated by Nino and his wife…You can also enjoy his ribs Sat and Sunday’s at the flea market near the super markets in town.

  21. I’m also making an attempt to work on this. Founda video on YouTube about it that was helpful

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