Atlanta’s top 15: 6 sights to see and 9 places to eat

We have a few posts about Georgia, specifically Savannah and Huntsville (edit – Huntsville is not in Georgia) but I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about Atlanta on this blog. So a few travel tips for the next time you hit Atlanta:

Sights to see

1. The Aquarium, especially if you have kids. Avoid the lines and get your tickets online. Zip right in.

2. World of Coca Cola near the Aquarium (I don’t drink coke but since most people do…).

3. The Botanical Garden.

4. The top of the Suntrust building to the sun dial. The Top the building rotates 360 degrees around and you can see in very direction. It takes about an hour to go around. Small fee but pretty neat and a nice place for an adult beverage and to relax.

5.Stone Mountain. It is the largest granite sculpture in the US (beating Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse). He can hike to the top or take a cable car.

6. The CNN tour.

Top restaurants

1. New York Prime for an expensive steakhouse

2. The Varsity for a hot dog and (you must get) the onion rings

3. The Vortex for burgers

4. Three Dollar Cafe for wings

5. Gladys Knights for Chicken and Waffles

6. Bones for steak

7. Brick Store Pub in Decatur for Belgian beer

8. Flip Burger Boutique (Richard Blais) for a foie gras milk shake

9. Fox Bros for BBQ

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  1. Shockadow R. says:

    Hey, Stupid. Huntsville is in Alabama, not Georgia.

    -1 point.

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