Attractions in Devon and myths in Cornwall

Interesting article here on Devon in the UK. This is where Dame Agatha Christie is from and there’s a festival each year. There the “Agatha Christie Mile” where you see places that meant something to the great author personally and where scenes from her stories take place. There are 10 stops in all and this BBC article seems to have them covered.

Across from Devon is Cornwall where there’s a castle and some Arthurian legends:

This was the spot where Queen Igraine of Cornwall, in the absence of her husband, was seduced by King Uther Pendragon, thus conceiving Arthur. Or it was where the infant Arthur was tossed by the waves onto the beach near the cave — accessible at low tide — where Merlin the Magician lived.

Seems like a couple of pretty cool places to visit. Maybe next time I visit the UK I’ll see if I can work them in. Thinking out loud, I’d fly into London and probably stay a few days. We’s at least like to visit our favorite Costa Coffee again. The English Riviera is southwest of London and I don’t see any other places I’ve heard of in between. Nottingham for example is way north of London. I like my vacations to make sense logisitcally so I don’t really want to go both north and south of London…

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