Aware that I should be cutting back

Here is yet another article on how many are finding it difficult to take vacations and another article with some vacation deals.

One of those deals is for Amsterdam:

House of Travel has land-only packages in Amsterdam for from $495 per person including two nights’ accommodation at a three-star central hotel, breakfast daily, and a tour of Volendam and Marken. Return economy airfares flying Royal Dutch Airlines and Malaysian Airlines to Amsterdam via Kuala Lumpur from Auckland start from $2729 per person. For travel until November 5, with some closeout dates. For more information call: 0800 838 747.

I recently had to make a big travel decision concerning Amsterdam when my friend sent me an invitation to his 30th birthday party in Amsterdam (October this year). Now that’s not long after my expensive summer vacation (cruise to Alaska) and I still haven’t forgotten all the money I spent in Europe this winter.

My first reaction was, “Well it would be fun but I can’t do it.” Then I thought, “Well I could do it but it’s not very practical.”

Then I thought of a friend of mine, a great great guy named John Finnegan who died a few weeks ago at age 37. I had been in touch occasionally via email but hadn’t seen him in maybe 8 years. Then I thought, “Some of my friends will be at this party in Amsterdam – do I really want to save money more than I want to make memories with my friends?” And I thought, “My birthday is at the same time – do I want to be home saving money on my birthday?”

So I’m going to Amsterdam in October. And still going on the cruise this summer. And I still spent a lot of money in Europe last winter. My wife and I are fortunate in that we do have jobs and are in enough demand that we can work overtime to help pay for all these vacations. Working all the time is tough but sometimes I can comfort myself by thinking that it’s good to know what you have to do every day. Thanks Albert Camus!

We also have credit cards in case we don’t work hard enough…

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  1. Cathy Broadus says:

    Damn, did I write this in my sleep? This sounds like my life exactly. I am a wee bit embarassed about how much money I have in the bank. But baby when they show any part of the world that I have been too, that sh*t is priceless? I work my ass off and I travel even harder. If you got the bug then you kknow what I am talkin’ about!

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